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Excuse me. Are you ready to get your ass kicked?!
~ Kung Fu Panda to Calvin and Princess Giselle.

Kung Fu Panda is the secondary antagonist of the 2008 spoof comedy film Disaster Movie.

He was portrayed and voiced by Yoshio Iizuka.


Disaster Movie

He picks a fight with Calvin after hitting Giselle and he gets knocked out but wakes up and kills them with a katana.

He is later seen in the "I'm Dating" song (the "I'm F***ing song in the unrated version) after Beowulf sang, singing the line "And I'm dating Michael Jackson!" ("And I'm f***ing Michael Jackson!" in the unrated version).


Kung Fu Panda is a rude, mean spirited panda who first appears to be friendly, but was just hiding his true nature just so he can fight Calvin and Giselle.


Kung Fu Panda is a giant panda with blue eyes that wears light brown shorts.


Get ready to feel the thunder!
~ Kung Fu Panda to Calvin
Your girl look familiar, man. Last year, I paid 20 bucks for 20 minutes, if you know what I mean.
~ Kung Fu Panda about Giselle
Oh, shit!
~ Kung Fu Panda
And I'm dating/f***ing Michael Jackson!
~ Kung Fu Panda





  • Kung Fu Panda is a parody of Po from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  • Kung Fu Panda is the only villain that lives in the film but probably redeems himself.