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To gain, you must give... One must be resolved to give even more if they wish to stand above others. We are on vastly different levels... and soon, I will rise to a new stage--the political world! The cold reality of kicking people down is a part of buisness! Virtue and sentiment are for losers. * chuckles * Okumura Foods shall be the foundation of my victory!
~ Shadow Okumura revealing his ambitions

Kunikazu Okumura or simply Okumura is a villain in Persona 5 and the main villain of its fifth heist, Space Station of Greed. He is the president of Okumura Foods, a food company most famous for the Big Bang Burger fast food chain you can find in various places in the game, and the father of Haru Okumura. His selfish ambitions to enter the political world at the cost of both his company and employees' livelihoods, as well as his daughter's happiness, creates a Palace inside the Metaverse, where he transforms into Mammon, demon of Greed.

Okumura's Palace is a Space Station, and it is based in the Okumura Foods World HQ in the real world. His treasure resembles a mysterious orb with a metallic shell, while in the real world it manifests as a model toy kit of a spaceship he wanted as a child but was too poor to buy.

He is voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa in Japanese and by Christopher Corey Smith in English.



Okumura grew up while his father was running Okumura Foods. During this time, Okumura Foods was a small company with much debt, and his father would often give money to support his employees with no collateral, Haru predicts that the debt collectors were a common sight for her father in his youth.

Okumura wanted a space station model kit as a child, but his family was never able to afford it due to their debts. This assumingly started Okumura's desire to become successful so he could acquire what he wanted in life. When Okumura took over the company, his dark side started to show.

He opened up the Big Bang Burger to start his dream. At some point, he became involved with Shido. Okumura used this to his advantage to cause his opponents and any other threats to him to have mental shutdowns.

Okumura eventually dreamed for him to acquire enough power to ascend to the political world. Okumura, to progress his plan, arranged his daughter's marriage with a powerful politician's son, Sugimura, who turned out to be an abusive and violent man.

Before the Heist

Like most Targets, Okumura is mentioned first by Sae Nijima in the present. This Heist was hyped up by her as she says that it's a "very important one, considering what happened."

The first mention of Okumura in the past is seen on The Phantom Aficionado Phansite in its newly installed poll. Unknown to all but Shido and his confidants, the online poll was rigged in order to place Okumura at the top of the poll.

The Phantom Thieves decide to investigate him when the majority of them get back from their school trips. Futuba, with the help of Makoto, was able to retrieve Sae Nijima's Computer data, which showed how she suspected Okumura to be tied into the Mental Shutdowns. The Phantom Thieves, after a long quarrel, lose Morgana as he runs away. Morgana infiltrates Okumura's palace alone, but it easily overwhelmed by the shadows.

Fortunately, The shadows spare Morgana due to him not being a threat. After the battle, Haru, the Daughter of Kunikazu Okumura, found Morgana as she followed him and was dragged into her Father's palace. She took him in to care for him and in return Morgana and she entered a partnership as Morgana and The Beauty Thief.

Space Station of Greed

Shadow Okumura

Okumura's palace is seen to be a space station, filled with robots as Okumura's cognition of his employees. The Robots show how Okumura thinks of his whole company as just a stepping stone to his true goals. Haru and Morgana are seen by the Phantom Thieves when The Thieves first enter Okumura's Palace.

They mistook her for the Blacked Masked Metanav User due to her Black Mask, however, Morgana steps in to debunk this. After a short quarell, the Thieves are forced to retreat after Haru opens a Door that had many Shadows waiting for it. The Thieves track Down Haru, realizing that she was the daughter of their target.

They confront her and try to convince her to join, however, Haru refuses after pointing out that the thieves disagree with each other. After The Thieves resolve this conflict, they wait out for Mementos after hearing that Morgana and Haru had been helping people by changing hearts in mementos.

the Thieves fail to convince Morgana, thus they run and lose the thieves. Back in the real world Haru's Fiance confronts Haru, and tries to get her to come with him, more so to be his "toy." Morgana, as a cat in the real world, attacks Haru's Fiances, but he is kicked away and slammed into the wall. The Thieves hear this quarrel and confront the Fiance, forcing him to retreat. Haru and Morgana are taken back to Cafe Leblanc where they both join the Thieves. From this, They officially make Okumura their next target

Fifth Heist: Okumura

The Thieves enter Okumura's palace, fully formed now. Haru has awakened to her persona, however, her in-determination made it weak, thus Haru still had some awakening to go through. This happens when Okumura's Shadow, along with his cognition of Haru's Fiance, is seen.

Shadow Okumura questions why Haru is with the thieves. He then realizes that Haru has joined the thieves. The cognition of Haru's Fiance then says that he can't marry a girl spoiled by thieves, in which Okumura reveals to Haru and the other thieves that he didn't care if he sold Haru's body to her fiance to become his toy, in which the finance accepts. Okumura then tells the fiance to kill them however he wants. Haru's Fiance then turns into a robot version of himself, again showing that he is just a stepping stone for Okumura.

The Fiance attacks Haru, but Haru's Persona, Milady, Blocks the attack, as Haru truly awakened to her Persona. The Thieves defeat the cognition and then retreat, officially beginning the Heist. As the thieves infiltrate the palace, they discover more of Okumura's distorted thoughts. Even the High Ranked Managers of the Company are robots, as Okumura cares for no one but himself. They also see the representation of how Okumura's employees work hard shifts with little breaks. This is shown by the machine that controls the robot's shifts.

If selected to break, the robots get 5 seconds before they must work harder to make up the lost time. If selected to Lunch, the workers only get 30 seconds before having to work harder to, again, make up the lost time. Eventually, the Thieves find the treasure and send the Calling Card. Okumura feels threatened by this, so he reports it to the police. During this, Okumura's Palace is assumingly about to transform into a different palace, as Okumura was about to ascend to the political world.

This represented by Shadow Okumura leaving his Space Station with his treasure as it self-destructs. Thieves catch to Shadow Okumura before he leaves, however, Shadow Okumura tricks them and traps the thieves except for Haru and Morgana. He then asks if they want to join him, realizing that Morgana at one point left the thieves. However, Morgana realized the errors of his ways and decides to redeem them by shooting the remote that controlled the trap, realizing the thieves. Okumura, seeing as his plan fails, decides the fight the thieves.

Rather than directly fighting them, Okumura uses all of his robot men to fight the thieves, showing how without his company he is weak. when runs out of men, the thieves soundly defeat him. Okumura is defeated and gives up his treasure, though he didn't cough up much information when Ryuji asks him about the mental shutdowns. The Thieves retreat as the Palace is about to destroy itself. However, they Leave Shadow Okumura be, when unknowingly to them, the Blacked Masked Metanav User comes out of hiding and Kills Shadow Okumura.


The Thieves had no suspicions of this event as Okumura was experiencing behavior that previous victims such as Kamoshida and Madarame were. However, when watching the results of his change of heart during a press conference, Okumura experienced a mental shutdown and died on stage. This was set up by Shido to blame the mental shutdowns on the thieves, which worked as the thieves reputation plummeted into the abyss. Okumura is not seen again after his Death. Because of his death, Shadow Okumura is not presented in the Mementos Depth as a prisoner of Yaldabaoth.



Okumura is a tall, middle-aged man. He has middle length black hair and wears a black business suit with a red checkered tie and a white dress shirt. He also has black suit pants and black business shoes.

In the Metaverse, Shadow Okumura has bluish skin. Like all shadows, he has gold glowing eyes. Okumura is dressed in a space suit resembling science fiction space lords such as Darth Vader. he also wears a space helmet and a cape. In battle, he has a floating command chair where he commands his employees

Unlike other Shadows, Shadow Okumura never transforms into Mammon in battle, thus its appearance is never seen


Okumura in the real world is a busy person, always on his phone for some important message. He is always harsh when talking to people, intolerant if doesn't get his way. He has low patience and always sounds annoyed at something, especially when talking to Haru

In the metaverse, Shadow Okumura is much different, however, he isn't afraid to reveal his true intentions for himself and Haru.

Okumura represents Greed of the Deadly Sins. The represents how he cares about no one but himself and to acquire power so he can further himself in another political world. This differs from Gluttony in which a person with gluttony has no further goals after collecting much power.


  • Okumura is the only target for the thieves to die, and his death marks a twist of the story which makes the Theives into public nuisance.
  • There is a reason that Okumura symbolizes Greed, while Junya Kaneshiro symbolizes Gluttony in spite of showing obessession towards money. Instead of being merely obssessed over acquiring more money, Okumura has an even greater ambition than just earning profits, since he wants to ascend into the political world and would do anything to achieve his goals.
  • Okumura is the only target that the Public supports the thieves to go after.
  • Okumura is the only Shadow to not transform into his demon during the boss fight.
  • Okumura is the only target not seen after his change of heart.


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