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I'm not going to hold back, I'll do what it takes to hunt them down. Both Gauron and Gates played around too much, I won't.
~ Kurama

Kurama is a supporting antagonist in the Light Novels of Full Metal Panic, and an antagonist in the fourth season of Full Metal Panic. Of uncertain japanese nacionality,it is depicted as a very tall man, with circle glasses, short hair and having a fondness for cigarettes.He is an agent of Amalgam, who met his end at the hands of Sousuke Sagara.

He is voiced by Kazuhiro Yamashi in the fourth season.

In the light novels

Kurama was shown in Kanka for the first time, assisting Gauron with a squad of Zy-98 Shadow, asking Gauron that if he would be capable of not killing Tessa Testarossa during the mission.

Kurama was one of many Amalgam's agents targeting Sousuke as a prime objective. In his first appearance, it is shown that he murdered a taskforce squad of five soldiers of the BSF.

Kurama acted in Jindai High School, and took Kyoko Tokiwa as a hostage, leaving her tied up in an old building filled with explosives. Sousuke goes foward rescuing Kyoko, and Kurama planned to activate the bombs once he is in the building, but his attempt failed as Wraith helped Sousuke defusing the bombs, Kurama escapes before Mithril forces could found him, and though Kyoko leaves the building alive, he was severaly injured, meaning Kurama beat her up or worse before Sousuke and Wraith arrived.

Afterwards, Kurama was not showed again until the time he captures Nami, a Mithril engineer and close companion of Sousuke, Kurama knowing the last. Sousuke followed Kurama to Namsaku, and there Sousuke warns Kurama to leave Nami alone, instead, he ends up shooting her, which enrages Sousuke and kills Kurama in the act.

Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory

In his short debut, Kurama waits patiently to an  airport near Portsmouth, during Zero Hour. He exchanges conversation with another Amalgam member, Leonard Testarossa. Kurama openly mentions his mistrust of him, and warns not to stand in his way while he's tracking down Sousuke. After the conversation, he gets to his car and takes his monotome snack of carrot sticks.


Kurama is very cautious prudent, and is also a bold strategist, baiting someone to come where he wants, usually by ruthless means such as kidnapping people close to his targets. One think that he qualifies himself with is that he simply will get his job done, without hesitation.when it finally comes to action, Kurama won't think twice about the lives he's about to end. One of his habits are smoking cigarettes, to the point that he says he wouldn't mind dying younger because he wouldn't stop smoking.



  • His facial features resemblance those of the French actor, Jean Reno.
  • For some reason, his clothes are the same Gates weared, but in diferent color