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Kurenai Kogetsu (クレナイ・コウゲツ), also known as Madame Kurenai, is a supporting antagonist on Edens Zero, being the main antagonist of the Sun Jewel arc. She is a former tyrannical noble and slaver who rules a casino like planet, Sun Jewel, and is also the biological mother of one of Shiki Granbell's companions, Homura Kougetsu. She's currently held captive as a sex slave by Cedric (a man who she defaced) and is being tortured and gangraped by him and his gang after her defeat by Shiki Granbell.

She was voiced by Mie Sonozaki in Japanese and Michelle Ruff in English.


Kurenai is a beautiful lady around her mid 30s of an average height. She has a dark blue hair that she wears in a pair of buns and all of her nails are painted with a dark red polish. In addition to all of this, she's dressed in a rather sultry red kimono with floral patterns, multiple brown belts with golden arrows pointing in opposite directions, a yellow choker in the style of a butterfly, a white silk scarf that forms the shape of a heart behind her back, two flowers, a red one and a white one, on the right side of her head, along with multiple golden beads. She wields a pair of special mechanical hand braces and is always seen walking barefoot.


Despite claiming that she had a soft spot for her own people by protecting them from evil criminals whom she resented, it was all a veneer that she made as Kurenai is at best, described as a rather sadistic woman who loves to hurt her enemies or people she doesn't like. This demonstrated when she burnt the face of a young attractive man that she didn't like because he was too inferior for her own taste and made him into her own personal pet.

She is also a callous woman who uses the people of the labor district as her own slaves in order to enjoy her own personal lavish life and once she sights an interesting object that could made more rewards for her, she has no hesitation to discard the people that had helped her raising to the top. This was shown when she took an interest with Edens Zero because it could make a fortune, she had no hesitation to obliterate the labor district because the people who lived there had no use for her anymore.

Despite all of this however, Kurenai used to be a poor woman strangled in casino debts and also a former slave herself due to the extreme addiction that she had for which she was seemingly remorseful. Nevertheless, as soon as Valkyrie Yuna saved her by liberating her, Kurenai's ambitions started growing and she then betrayed the person who saved her life without a second thought and discarded her completely from her own memory.

As an icing on the cake, Kurenai is perfectly fine with abandoning her own biological daughter, Homura, just to pursue her own ambitions and when Homura rejects the fake apologies Kurenai had made just to save her own skin even after being defeated by Shiki and her own companions, she then dismissed her as a simple minded person. When she was captured by Cedric (the same young man whose face she disfigured), who made her into his sex slave as revenge, she was revealed to be a hypocritycal coward, as she begged the man not to torture and rape her, viewing herself as innocent and undeserving of such treatment.



Before becoming a tyrant of the Sun Jewel, Kurenai was a regular woman who lived with her daughter, Homura, on the war-torn planet Oedo. At some point, Kurenai gifted Homura a stuffed toy and left the planet in order to make money, claiming that she would return later.

At some point, she found her way to the planet Sun Jewel and got addicted to gambling in the casinos on the planet. This resulted in her accumulating massive debts that she couldn't pay and she became a prisoner of the baron who previously ruled Sun Jewel, Baron Mordo.

Years later, a female robot named Valkyrie Yuna finds Kurenai in the Labor District on Sun Jewel and wants to take her back to her daughter, Homura. Kurenai claims that she can't return due to the debts she has piled up and that Homura may be targeted if she doesn't clear them. Valkyrie then offers to free Kurenai from her massive debts by taking her place in the Labor District and clearing her debt in her place while she returns to Homura. Kurenai appeared to be reluctant at first, but then she was seemingly grateful and claimed she was indebted towards Valkyrie Yuna's actions as she saved her from trouble.

New Ruler of Sun Jewel

Two years later however, she marries the baron who enslaved her and murders him to climb the ranks and become the brand new ruler of Sun Jewel. When in power, she drops her grateful facade by discarding Valkyrie Yuna from her memories and revising her own history by saying that it was actually Kurenai's own will that made her rich and becomes the most powerful woman in Sun Jewel while also abandoning Homura once she's vanished from her sight.

In addition to all of this, she reveals her true nature as a tyrant of the Sun Jewel by enslaving the innocent people at the labor district as she sent several mineral monsters in the district so that the innocent people of said district can mine more metal for Kurenai herself in order to enjoy a luxurious and lavish lifestyle while the innocents continue to suffer. This induces Valkyrie Yuna's anger and as a result, the Valkyrie then tries her best to protect the innocent people of the labor districts from the monsters sent by Kurenai. However, a price of protecting innocent people was paid by Valkyrie, whose soul was lost on the battlefield against the monsters.

Present Day

In the present day, Kurenai then masquerades herself as a seemingly well-meaning ruler of the Sun Jewel who cares about her citizens and tries her best to protect her people from criminals. When Shiki and Homura try to protect the casino from gangsters that attempt to invade it, Kurenai, with her surveillance powers, then banishes Shiki, Homura and the gangsters to the labor district by affixing collars to them so that they could mine the rocks that Kurenai had wanted.

Despite saying that the people of the labor district will be liberated from Kurenai's clutches after the collar reaches zero points as they continue to mine the rocks for her, it is all a lie fabricated by Kurenai herself as it is revealed that once the collar reaches zero, it will reset back to where it was. This was shown when Homura and Shiki battled against the giant Mineral Monster, as they were seemingly liberated at first, but it later proved to be nothing more than a false dawn on their behalf.

Meanwhile, Kurenai herself is enjoying a bountiful life in her own quarters as her servants offered a good looking young man to slake her own pleasure. However, due to Kurenai's elitist standard, she says that the man is too inferior for her own tastes, she then personally burns his face and then has him chained as Kurenai's own personal pet with his face disfigured and him being disrobed in shame.

Taking an interest in Edens Zero ship and suspecting that the miners are attempting to perpetrate an uprising in the name of Valkyrie Yuna, Kurenai then decides to dispose of them without a second thought by using her own dangerous satellite weapon, Oculus Kurenai, to obliterate the miners and innocent people who live in the Labor District. When Oculus Kurenai is hacked by her business companion who betrays her, Drakken Joe, and when Shiki tries to stop her evil plans once and for all, she then uses a backup weapon - a mecha called the "Kurenai Dragoon" to obliterate the labor district for good while sending her subordinates to crush the resistance.

With his power and determination, Shiki manages to defeat Kurenai and then brings her to her own biological daughter, Homura, for a reconciliation moment. After their reunion in which Kurenai made several fake apologies to save her own skin, Homura then responds by saying that she already severed all ties with Kurenai because the latter abandoned Homura for her own personal gain. In at attempt to run away from the angry mob of the labor district, she then gets captured by Cedric (the same young man whose face was personally burned by Kurenai herself) and is forcefully turned into his personal pet as a payback for all things that she had done. It is heavily implied that Kurenai ended up becoming a sex slave to be tortured and abused (physically and sexually) at the hands of Cedric and his gang, ending her reign of terror once and for all.


  • Kurenai's design has several similarities to Scarlet Overkill's appearance as both of them have black hair, red lipstick and crimson dresses that nearly match their appearance and their names are also related to color "Scarlet".
  • Kurenai herself is the antithesis of Hiro Mashima's other villain, Irene Belserion. While both of them are the mothers of the swordsman girls as Irene is Erza Scarlet's mother while Kurenai is Homura Kougetsu's mother, and have some tragic backstories with Irene being abused by her husband and Kurenai having a severe debts which resulted in her becoming a slave due to her addiction to gambling, the two have drastically opposing traits such as:
    • In terms of hierarchy, Irene is one of the minions of Emperor of Alvarez Empire, being the member of Spriggan 12. However, Kurenai herself is a leader and tyrannical noble of the Sun Jewel planet.
    • Irene's outfit is much more Western or nearly Europe origin whereas Kurenai's sultry and attractive dress is much more oriental themed.
    • At the end, Irene herself is remorseful on what she had done which resulted in her committing suicide and still loves her daughter in her own way, whereas Kurenai herself doesn't love her daughter, even thinking that she was a simple minded fool, and remains unrepentant to the very end.
  • Kurenai is widely considered to be one of the worst mothers in all of fiction, due to her abandoning her daughter, Homura, and not caring for her at all.

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