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Ladies and Gentlemen! It's the birth of a new Minosaur! Applause!
~ Kureon’s announcement when creating a Minosaur

Kureon is a member of the Druidon Tribe who creates the Minosaurs and a major antagonist in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. He is an androgynous mushroom creature who creates the Minosaurs by infecting humans with his slime and feeding off their negative emotions.

Unlike the other Druidon generals, Kureon was not created by Eras and is instead an alien who was recruited into the tribe for his ability to create Minosaurs from people.

He is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi.


Kureon first accompanied Tankjoh to Earth to assist him in the Druidon's attempt to reclaim the planet. Using his slime, Kureon created Minosaurs to assist in the invasion. After Tankjoh was destroyed by the Ryusoulgers, Wizeru arrived to take command of the Earth invasion and Kureon went on to serve under him. While Wizeru treated Kureon relatively fairly, Gachireus later came to Earth as well - dissatisfied with Wizeru's progress - and began forcing Kureon to create more Minosaurs. Wizeru and Gachireus were then supplanted when Pricious came to Earth to forcefully take command of the invasion. After Wizeru seemingly died in battle against Ryusoul Red, Kureon left the Druidons to go and search for Wizeru, believing he was still alive as his heart card was still intact. Kureon eventually discovered Wizeru had regenerated and the two uncovered the truth behind the Druidon and Ryusoul Tribes, that both were created by Eras and that Eras was now plotting to destroy both for their disobedience. Thus, the two decided to leave the Druidon Tribe and ally with the Ryusoulgers against Eras when she awakened.


Kureon is very childish, acting carefree most of the time and having little interest in the Druidon Tribe's goals beyond having fun. He can be very bratty and obnoxious at times, especially towards the Ryusoulgers, often mocking and taunting them. At the same time, Kureon can also be very caring, having tender relationships with several people including Tankjoh and Wizeru. In regards to Tankjoh, Kureon looks up to him and desires his approval while with Wizeru, Kureon enjoys having fun with him. He is also on good terms with the Drunn Soldiers, spending time with them occasionally, and had a human friend named Anikin who he genuinely liked and created a music video with. The only Druidon general Kureon didn't like was Gachireus, who constantly mistreated him and made him work. He was neutral towards Pricious, who took an interest him after discovering he didn't have a heart she could steal.

Eventually, Kureon becomes friendly with the Ryusoulgers as well, especially after they save him from Saden. After Kureon and Wizeru discovered the truth about Eras, the two gave up invading Earth and instead chose to focus on saving it from being remade by the godly being. After the final battle, Kureon and Wizeru made up with Pricious as well and dragged her with them into space.


  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 267 kg
  • Attribute: Slime-type Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Enjoyable Work
  • Classification: Druidon general
  • Experience Point: 900


  • Kureon's voice actress, Ryoko Shiraishi, previously worked in a Pretty Cure production and later voiced a Super Sentai villain, much like Aya Hisakawa (who voiced Madame Noir), Megumi Han (who voiced Kyuemon Izayoi), Minako Kotobuki (who voiced Naria) and Eri Kitamura (who voiced Madakko).
    • However, in an interesting twist, the characters she voiced when she starred in HeartCatch Pretty Cure! and Smile Pretty Cure! is the guest characters instead of one of the main heroines.
    • This continues the Sentai tradition since ToQger with a villainess voiced by a voice actress of Pretty Cure fame. Ayana Taketatsu, who voiced Goche Ru Medou, had never been taking part of the Pretty Cure cast before she was cast in a Sentai series, discontinuing the tradition for a year.
  • Kureon is the only Druidon Tribe general who shares no chess piece theme with his colleagues. Instead, he is themed after slimes and toxic mushrooms.
    • While Kureon's design shares no resemblance to a chess piece, his role is analogous to the King piece chess, being a general who plays an important role in the organization yet has no apparent combat abilities and is guarded by the other Druidon members.

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