Kurloz Makara

Kurloz Makara

Kurloz Makara is an antagonist in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. He is the dancestor of Gamzee Makara and the pre-scratched version of the Grand Highblood. He comes from an alien race known as the "Trolls".


Early life

Kurloz Makara played a game with his eleven friends called Sgrub. His matesprit (girlfriend) was Meulin Leijon and they lived a happy life together. Everyone else seemed to think they were the perfect couple.

One day when Kurloz and Meulin were in bed Kurloz had a nightmare which caused him to scream a horrid sound that made Meulin deaf forever.

Kurloz felt wrong for doing this and chewed off his tounge as well as sewed his mouth so that he could never speak again.

Deadly Alliance

Later Kurloz met with his dancestor Gamzee. Kurloz and Gamzee formed a deadly alliance that they would work with Lord English and kill everybody. Kurloz made Gamzee a fake God Tier outfit and stole Vriskas coat which looked somewhat simmilar to Englishes overcoat.

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