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Phew, that was thought! I shall not be silenced! Not after keepin' quiet for that damn long! Damn, even someone extremely good at talkin' like me is already tired out from runnin' my yap! It's like the hero is still in its child phase, but the warrior alien brother already showed up! That example sucked! Damn this fatigue, I'd say I'm only about a third as sharp as usual! So anyway, the hell are we talkin' about? You sayin' something about making adults into sausages? Gonna pull out the organs, grind 'em up, make 'em into yummy, cruelty-free cuisine? And then, ya gather 'em up, sell 'em in a supermarket, and become an urban legend? Huh? Now that sounds awesome. I wanna see that! Hahahaha!
~ Kurokuma when shows up the first time.
No, not me. Maybe "I", or maybe...
~ Kurokuma's last words before he and Shirokuma reveals themselvs to be Alter Ego Junko.

Kurokuma it's a minor antagonist in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. It's a Monokuma Unit created by Monaca Towa and he serves as the advisor of the Warriors of Hope, and later he, along with Shirokuma, was revealed to be a part of Alter Ego Junko.

He was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald in the english dub and by Megumi Toyoguchi in the original/japanese dub.


After Junko Enoshima's death, he starts to work as the Advisor of the Warriors of Hope. All the members didn't noticed to be a part of Junko's AI and they show no respect for him.

Kurokuma at first, he was the one that gives ideas to how to kill adults and even to work together with Monaca (He was also the one who made the idea of creating the second Junko Enoshima).

Kurokuma most of the time was always kept in silent mode due to him talking to much, and the Warriors of Hope talks to him rarely. Kotoko said, however, to suggesting that they could just get rid of him.

Kurokuma appears for the first time during an advising with Monaca, Kotoko and Nagisa, and together they discuss their plan to wipe out the resistance. During the discussion, he shows no useful ideas. Kurokuma later reapears at the end of Chapter 3 and he discuss with her about the plan to create the Second Junko Enoshima and also about how he's looking forward to the outcome.

When Nagisa beats up The Servant, Kurokuma intervenes and he attempts to antagonize Nagisa to make him much more angry. However, this results with Nagisa kicking him away. He later watches Nagisa slapping Monaca multiple times, and he comments on how vicious Monaca is.

While the Bing Bang Monokuma was destroying the Monokuma Units in Towa City, watching it from a television, The Servant comes to Monaca by saying that he will now leave, he antagonizes him and Monaca one last time, and both of two were ready to start the Kurokuma's plan.

Kurokuma meets Komaru and Toko for the first time in the center room of the Warriors of Hope's base and he tells them to play a game on which room was Monaca in. When he sees that Monaca can stand, he was so much suprised that he falls on the chair.

Monaca and Kurokuma then they summons their robot, which appears to be fusion of the other Warriors of Hope's robots. After the battle, the robot was so damaged that he cause an explosion that was able to also destroy Kurokuma, only remaining his head. His head then, falls out the window and he falls on the ground screaming.

In the epilogue, after Kurokuma and Shirokuma done a long talk, they will later reveald to be a part of Alter Ego Junko. However, Izuru Kamukura destroys their hard-drives linked to their AIs, making them shutting down for good together.


  • Kurokuma in the Japanese language means "Black Bear".
  • Kurokuma and Shirokuma are the first Monokuma Units to have their own profiles in a Danganronpa game.
  • Both Shirokuma and Kurokuma were voiced by Junko Enoshima's voice actress in the english and japanese dub, linking their true identity as Alter Ego Junko.


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