Kurow is one of the main characters in the video game; Okamiden. He started out as one of Chibiterasu's partners, but towards the end of the game.

Kurow betrays Chibi, and teams up with Akuro; the main villain, to escape his destiny. Kurow is a young child with long blonde hair. He wears a pink sleeveless jacket with a pom, a pinkish scarf and always carries a flute on his person.  


Kurow's Past

After Yami was defeated and was reincarnated as Akuro, Waki created a doll to imprison Akuro. It turns out that Kurow was the doll which was supposed to imprison Akuro but Kurow was afraid of his destiny and decided to team up with Akuro when he came to full power.

Confronting Chibi

Despite being best friends, Kurow wanted to fight Chibi. Kurow fights with a double flute saber. Kurow is lightning fast, can fight in the air with his wings, and shoot blades towards Chibi. Eventually, Kurow is defeated by Chibi. He tells Chibi all the people they encountered, and that they were selfless. He apologized to Chibi for what he's done, and Chibi, being the good-hearted he is, forgives Kurow and lets him live.

Accepting His Destiny

After Akuro was defeated, Chibi was about to finish off Akuro. But suddenly Kurow appears and asked Akuro to possess him. Akuro gladly accepts and takes control over Kurow. When Akuro was about to confront Chibi, Kurow tricked Akuro and managed to regain control. Kurow told Chibi his past and that he was afraid of his destiny. So to prevent his destiny he decided to team up with the enemy he was supposed to seal inside his body. Kurow told him that in order for Akuro to finally be killed, Chibi has to kill Kurow. So Chibi delivered the final strike and killed both Akuro and his beat friend,  Kurow. 


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