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Kurozumi Higurashi is an antagonist of the Wano Country arc and a member of the Kurozumi Family. She was an elderly woman who was behind convincing Orochi of his goals to become shogun of Wano and in the end, she was killed by Kaido after she interfered his fight with Kozuki Oden.

She was voiced by Hiroko Emori.


Higurashi was interested in allowing another Kurozumi family member become shogun of Wano. She has a distrust for the other families in the country. She was willing to make excuses for Orochi’s grandfather when he attempted to poison the other daimyos to take the seat of shogun in Wano. Higurashi believed that Orochi is destined to be a great successor for the Kurozumi family and supported his rise to power.

Higurashi displayed no qualms when she impersonated Kozuki Sukiyaki and assisted Orochi in murdering him. She was supportive of Orochi's tyrannical rule in the country and was shown to loyal to him. She took pleasure in watching Oden humiliate himself by dancing half-naked, while laughing with her relatives.

She is also tactical and deceiver when she disguised as Momonosuke to deceive Oden in his defeat by Kaido. However, her interruption only got her killed at Kaido's hands as a punishment.


In the past, Higurashi was a witness to Orochi's grandfather's attempt to poison the other daimyos and become shogun of the country himself. At some point, Higurashi lived in the impoverished part of Wano. Higurashi first found Orochi in the impoverished part of Wano. She told him the story of the Kurozumi family and how Orochi was meant to be the shogun of the country because of his lineage. After hearing her story of how his grandfather was cast out for attempting to kill the other daimyos and knowing about the origins of hatred people had for the Kurozumi family, Orochi decided to work to become the shogun. During the time, Higurashi would encourage Orochi to gain wealth and other means before getting the power for himself. At some point, Higurashi came into contact with Kozuki Oden and Kozuki Sukiyaki and was able to take on their disguises. Under Oden's disguise, Higurashi vouched for Orochi to work under Sukiyaki. As their plan began to escalate, Orochi slowly poisoned Sukiyaki until the latter passed away. At the same time, Higurashi would take on the disguise of Sukiyaki and would let the other daimyos know that Orochi was now nominated to be the shogun of the country. She was with Orochi when they met fellow Kurozumi member Kanjuro who they had act as a spy to Oden to undermine him.

Despite the suspicion others had about Sukiyaki's decision and finding out that Orochi was a Kurozumi, Orochi stayed in power. Higurashi would give Orochi the Snake-Snake fruit: Model Yamata no Orochi.

While in power, Higurashi was supportive of him as the shogun of Wano and supportive of the Beasts Pirates presence in the country. When Oden confront Orochi for his treacherous ways and for endangering his wife and country, Higurashi appears taunting and mocking Oden by taking on the disguise of his father, Sukiyaki.

When Oden and his retainers attempted to rebel against Orochi’s rule as shogun, Higurashi posed as Momonosuke and had a member of the Beast Pirates hold a blade to her neck. She deceived Oden into thinking his son was in danger, this caused a distracted Oden to be blindsided by an attack from Kaido. Higurashi laughed at the defeated Oden, as he and his followers were captured.

Kaido later mentioned to Oden that he had Higurashi killed for her interruption as a punishment and the Clone-Clone fruit ended up in the possession of Bon Kurei better known as Mr. 2.


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