The Dark Elf known as Kurse was originally named Algrim, a warrior and servant of the Dark Elf lord Malekith the Accursed. Algrim wore a empowered suit of armor that made him virtually invincible. Once he was ordered to ambush and battle Thor, god of thunder. But during the battle, Malekith opened up a pit beneath them, sending both of them into a sea of molten magma. Thor summoned his hammer Mjolnir, which he used to fly away, but Algrim fell into the magma and was almost killed, only being saved by his enchanted armor. Algrim then swore vengeance against Thor, ruthlessly seeking him out to kill him. The mysterious being known as the Beyonder sensed his hatred and decided, as an experiment, to give Algrim the ultimate power of revenge, thus transforming him into Kurse. Hi armor was fused to his body, becoming a living part of him. His already great strength was increased in huge amounts, so that he was twice the strength of Thor, and was literally indestructable by anything except the Dark Elves' weakness: iron.

Algrim in Thor: Tales of Asgard

Since then, Kurse has sought out and battled Thor whenever he could, seeking powerful vengeance against him. He so hated Thor, that he attacked anyone who resembled him. He later learned that it was not Thor, but Malekith who had almost killed him, he began a vengeance quest against him. When he was at last defeated by Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and the Power Pack, Thor asked the Beyonder to transport him to Hel, so that he could search for Malekith there. Kurse went there and wrecked havoc in looking for Malekith, and Hela, goddess of death sent him back to Asgard, where he eventually found Malekith and killed him. His thirst for revenge satisfied, Kurse reformed and became Algrim again, loyally serving Asgard. He died in the battle of Ragnarok, protecting his home and people.

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