We are all animals beneath the skin, my godfather taught me that. He was a butcher, did you know? He taught me that the flesh holds no secrets once the skin has been removed.

Kurt Dierker is a Nazi Colonel and the main antagonist of the video game, The Saboteur (2009).


He entered the 1940 Saarbrücken Grand Prix where he raced against Irish racecar driver, Sean Devlin. He won through cheating, by shooting out one of Devlin's tires. In an attempt of sneaking into Dierker's stronghold, Devlin and his friend Jules were captured and later interrogated and tortured. Jules was killed however Sean managed to escape. Devlin swore to avenge his friend by killing Dierker.


Dierker interrogates Devlin.

The Saboteur - Xbox 360 - Cutscene 2 - "Question"

The Saboteur - Xbox 360 - Cutscene 2 - "Question"

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