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If you're not documenting yourself, it's simple; you just don't exist.
~ Kurt Kunkle's philosophy.
I'm taking you home... oh, no, not your home. My home... my home.
~ Kurt Kunkle revealing his intentions to Jessie.

Kurt Kunkle also known as The Rideshare Killer, is the main protagonist villain of Spree.

He is a late teen/young adult who goes on a murderous spree to gain more attention to his failing media accounts during a particular live stream and snaps in the process resorting to continuing the spree when his viewers slowly but surely increase.

He was portrayed by Joe Keery in his first villainous role.


Kurt is a sociopath hiding through a charade of trying to become a major social media influencer for his own goals. He is selfish, obsessive, and psychotic when things don't go his way. On the other hand, when needed to achieve his own goals, he is charming, charismatic, and innocent. However, he shows from the start, that he is only trying to help himself achieve social fame including relying on a young teenage boy named Bobby who Kurt use to babysit when he was younger.

Bobby has become a popular streamer and internet star with Kurt constantly trying to get Bobby to give him a shout-out on his streams or tries to bud in the middle of Bobby's streams much to the latter's annoyance. Kurt despite studying the social media stars such as Jessie Adams, he fails to gain a following or even many consistent viewers. Most often, the viewers are put off by Kurt's somewhat awkward behavior.

Fed up with the lack of attention that he believes he deserves more, he snaps and in a last desperate effort to gain views, he uses his job as a rideshare driver to abduct passengers and live stream their murders which most believe to be fake deaths but despite this and other violent actions, his viewers slowly go up much to his glee and fuels his sick intentions and empathetic mindset.


Kurt Kunkle is a young adult male living with his parents and under his online streaming name of KurtsWorld96 with various videos of his under different topics including a draw my life, gaming, reviews of shoes and etc. However, despite his dedication and will to grow, he lacks viewers and subscribers who are more hooked on more known influencers which deeply hurts Kurt as he unhealthily dreams of going viral and becoming a star.

A child he use to babysit named Bobby under his online account name "BobbyBaseCamp" is a famous internet star and streamer as Kurt constantly bothers, annoys, and tries to intrude on streams to try and gather more attention which is where Bobby constantly puts Kurt down and grows annoyed and pissed at his company and is shown to hate him fueling a jealous Kurt for revenge and to show he has what it takes to be better than Bobby and become a star.

Kurt frequently works for a driver service called Rideshare as a means of making money due to his lack of money gained from his dying online account. In a final effort to gain more attention, Kurt live streams himself driving others within the city where Bobby is his only viewer at the time and is mocked by Bobby through the comments. Kurt reveals his true intentions at gaining views and subs by revealing his goal to be to murder his passengers continuously until he becomes viral.

Kurt poisons water bottles and gives them to the unsuspecting riders due to the hot weather outside and successfully poisons and kills a white elder male supremacist and a businesswoman. Despite the deaths, Bobby believes the act to be fake and tells Kurt his acts won't work due to him actually needing charisma. He eventually accepts a ride from who he later recognizes as Jessie Adams, a famous comedian and with a huge social media following. During her live stream within the car and with another male in the back seat along for the ride named Mario who used the RideSocial app to ask for another ride alongside himself, Kurt tries to encourage Jessie to follow him and shout him out in exchange for the same as Mario recognizes her.

Jessie becomes annoyed by his begging and by Mario the back seat advances and rebuffs him and exits the ride and live streams Mario for his perving actions before flipping him off and giving Kurt advice on not to do the follow-for-follow stuff as it seems desperate leaving Kurt upset and angry at her rejection but fails to notice he gained quite a few more viewers from his interaction/argument with Jessie. In a fit of retaining his ego after failing to gain more viewers, he drives Mario to a secret construction site and kicks Mario out of the car.

As Mario pees behind his car, Kurt smirks and backs up mortally wounding Mario before finishing him off by running over him. He drives away, leaving the scene and Mario's body. During this time, Kurt's viewers slowly begin to rise as he picks up a group of friends Richard, London, and Kendra in which London takes interest in Kurt's adventure not knowing his true intentions.

Despite the trio of murders already committed, Bobby continues to debunk the murders and compares them to a video of his own titled Homeless Hero where it depicts Bobby obviously with paid actors acting like he is giving away to the homeless to fuel his social media stardom. Kurt also realizes that Jessie is performing at a stand-up show within the city and intends to attend the show.

The three passengers are revealed to be socialites and bring more attention to Kurt's stream as Kurt drives recklessly with the three in the car without showing any concern and laughing throughout the antics. London supports him and defends him against the other girl and their male friend. However, once Kurt grows more impatient and wants to continue his game, he drives the trio to the junkyard and tells the two in the back to stand up through the sunroof. At this point, Kurt's nice demeanor has regained their trust and the two have a blast as Kurt drives them at a high speed.

Kurt smiles and while London is looking out the window, Kurt closes the sunroof trapping Kendra and Richard. He laughs without any remorse as London screams in panic at her friends' deaths as guard dogs within the junkyard attack and maul the pair, killing them. Kurt smiles at the camera and pulls out a power drill before lunging at London and with a blank expression drills her through the head completing the triple kill.

He leaves the junkyard once again alone as he becomes frustrated when he realizes Bobby failed to see his triple kill that he worked hard on but is gleeful at his ever-increasing viewers. Kurt drives to Bobby's house and pleads for the shoutout but Bobby rebuffs him and openly mocks him, then begins a live stream to further embarrass Kurt who is shown to be emotional and upset. He expresses that Kurt will always be a nobody, Kurt gains more viewers through his stream due to this altercation from both points of view.

Kurt snaps and draws a knife, stabbing Bobby due to his pent-up jealousy, anger, and hatred for the douchebag. Bobby tries to grab his gun to shoot Kurt but Kurt overpowers him in the struggle and stabs him to death with his viewers growing at an all-time high. The viewers express disbelief as did Bobby earlier despite the obvious bloodied and stabbed head of Bobby. Nonetheless, Kurt's viewers continue to grow due to the altercation and he steals Bobby's gun and leaves the scene, and begins to plan to head to the stand-up show. However, his dad, Kris, calls him and asks his son for a ride to the club claiming that a famous DJ called uNo will be there and promising that she will tag Kurt in a photo.

When Kurt picks up Kris and takes him to the club, he approaches uNo; she initially refuses to tag him, but then asks him to take her to a taco truck with the promise of tagging him. While waiting for Kurt to get her some food from the truck, uNo discovers Bobby's gun and poses with it on a live stream before drinking some of the poisoned water and passing out. After realizing this, Kurt attempts to drive away but is stopped by two police officers, who grow suspicious of him. It's revealed that Kurt's actions have been discovered but the identity of the suspect has not been discovered and that the murders are known to the public now with Kurt unknowingly gaining the name of the "Rideshare killer". Kurt is removed from the vehicle and seems to be caught but uNo awakens suddenly and in a shocked and surprised state, she shoots one of the cops to death allowing Kurt time to flee the scene as does uNo. With his phone still in hand, Kurt continues the stream as he drives away from oncoming cop cars before eventually crashing and being forced to abandon his car.

After learning Rideshare has been momentarily deactivated due to the murder spree, he gains a ride from another service called GoGo where he murders the kind elderly male driver then steals his car and arrives just in time for Jessie's comedy show where she openly discusses her encounter with Kurt earlier and how disgusted she is by people's desperation for social media fame, causing her speech to go viral. Kurt streams his reaction to the show where he appears stunned and upset at the show and his humiliations revive as his viewers grow. After leaving her show, Jessie in a drunken state is picked up by Kurt under the GoGo app and reveals he heard everything she said and that he was her driver earlier as he tells her his plans to murder her at his home to reach more viewers. Kurt has also gained a bloody look with himself being drenched in his victims.

In a panicked state, Jessie tries to strangle him using his phone charger but they crash. Kurt gains control and beats Jessie unconscious, he arrives at the front of his house and places Jessie's unconscious body outside before being requested by his now-eager viewers to kill Jessie. Distracted by a faulty camera, Kurt doesn't notice Jessie regaining consciousness. She manages to take control of the car and crashes inside Kurt's house while trying to run him over. Kurt flees into the house while Jessie is confronted by an intoxicated Kris.

Kurt reveals his true nature to his father and that he killed his mother during the first minutes of his Livestream before shooting his dad in cold blood killing him, as he stares at his body and continues to shoot him over and over. Jessie tries to flee in the car but this regains Kurt's attention as his focus rises to stare at her as does the gun in his hand as she finds herself unable to back up and instead drives forward at Kurt. Kurt is pinned against the wall and is now a bloodied mess and severely wounded. In his last effort to murder Jessie, Kurt tries to rise up to shoot her, but Jessie uses Kurt's phone to beat him to death, officially ending his rampage.

In the aftermath, Kurt's murder spree becomes a nationwide story with Jessie being deemed a hero and gaining praise for ending his rampage. Kurt is abandoned by society following his death but his actions and murders are revered in the smaller corners of the internet as they begin to grow for more support of his cause.


  1. Angela Kunkle - Murdered off-screen.
  2. Fredrick Pengler - Given poisoned water by Kurt and succumbed to the poison.
  3. Andrea Archer - Given poisoned water by Kurt and succumbed to the poison.
  4. Mario Papazian - Driven over multiple times by Kurt.
  5. Richard Venti - Mauled to death by a guard dog after being locked in the sunroof by Kurt.
  6. Kendra Sheraton - Mauled to death by a guard dog after being locked in the sunroof by Kurt.
  7. London Sachs - Power drilled through the skull by Kurt.
  8. Bobby Basecamp - Stabbed to death by Kurt.
  9. Davit Grigoryan - Murdered off-screen by Kurt.
  10. Kris Kunkle - Shot by Kurt multiple times.
  11. Michael Mendoza - Unknown



  • The writers of the film spent countless hours studying social media habits to gain the knowledge to accurately work the film. Kurt's actor, Joe Keery, spent time with the director to fully study these tendencies and allow himself to easily take on the role.
  • Spree was covered on the famous YouTube series Kill Count, hosted by the channel Dead Meat, and Kurt's death was awarded the "Golden Chainsaw" for the best death of the film.

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