Kurt Lydon is the unseen main antagonist of Dark Sun, the ninth book in the CHERUB series. He is an associate of the criminal organisation Dark Sun and the father of George and Sophie Lydon.

In the Book

Kurt is first mentioned in the mission briefing for CHERUB agents Greg "Rat" Rathbone and Andy Lagan, which states that he was a member of a research team who devised a nuclear centrifuge in 2006 only for the French government to refuse to buy it due to the cancelation of a planned nuclear power station. Shortly after this, the plans were stolen and MI5, who were watching a Brussels café as part of surveillance on Dark Sun, saw Kurt offering to sell the plans to a Belgian man suspected of being involved with Dark Sun for six million euros. They began spying on Kurt in order to find out the names of other Dark Sun members and discovered that Dark Sun had turned down his offer due to the fact that most of the components were strictly controlled and that he had offered to redesign the centrifuge. In March, Andy and Rat go to the Lydon house due to having befriended George and hack Kurt's computer, allowing them to add 143 tiny, difficult to notice flaws to the design, causing the centrifuge to explode when Dark Sun try to build it with the help of the Nigerian Government. Shortly after, Kurt and 21 other agents and associates of Dark Sun (presumably including the Belgian Operative) are arrested in Brussels due to the MI5 surveillance.

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