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The Kushan Empire is a massive kingdom ruled by Emperor Ganishka. They possess a powerful military and are in a conflict with Midland and the Holy See for control of the realm.

Its military combines large, well-organized conventional forces with various supernatural creatures and human magic-users. It is currently engaged in a protracted war with the allied nations under the Holy See Religious Order, having invaded and occupied much of Midland. One key factor in in the success of their military campaigns iso the country's policy of using war slaves and captured soldiers from enemy armies compelled to fight for the Kushan as cannon fodder to bear the brunt of the casualties.


Having invaded much of Midland, the Kushan Empire gradually began to suffer losses against Griffith after he became reincarnated and led a New Band of the Hawk comprised of Apostles against them. The Kushan Empire was toppled when Griffith slayed Ganishka and allowed the surviving Kushan soldiers into his ranks.

Following the Kushan Empire's defeat, many Kushan citizens would be allowed to live in Falconia.



  • The Kushan Empire is loosely based on the real world Kushan empire.


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