Kuwagata Yummy

The Kuwagata Yummy is a stag beetle Yummy that appears from the Kabuto Yummy's body during his fight with Kamen Rider OOO due to Rei's true desire to get rid of her kendo teacher's pride after becoming strong enough to get the job done. Other than having body armor like the Kabuto Yummy, the Kuwagata Yummy can create lightning. Both Yummy overpower Kamen Rider OOO until Kamen Rider Birth arrives to even the odds. While Kamen Riders Birth and OOO destroy the Kabuto Yummy, the Kuwagata Yummy manages to escape and proceeds to make his way to the chapel to kill the bride. But slowed now by Rie, the Kuwagata Yummy ends up fighting the Kamen Riders with Uva before Kamen Rider Birth quadruples the Cell Burst in his Breast Cannon to completely obliterate the Yummy.

A second Kuwagata Yummy appeared in Movie War Mega Max from a Foundation X member to fight against Kamen Rider Joker. It was destroyed by his Rider Kick.

Superhero Taisen

Kuwagata Yummy and Uni-Armadillo Yummy has revived again and join Dai-Shocker army. Later, Rider Hunter Silva of Dai-Zangyack and Doktor G of Dai-Shocker overthrew their respective leaders and joined forces to destroy the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. The two evil organizations united and faced off against the combined forces of the Sentai and Riders.

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