Kuzen Yoshimura (芳村), is the non-killing owl, is a major character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. He served as the false main antagonist & major anti-hero of Tokyo Ghoul, and a posthumous character in it's sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re.

He is an SSS rated ghoul and the former of the Anteiku café. A kind and generous old man, the manager shows that he is both wise and reasonable even among the ghouls. People like Nishiki Nishio often question his motives on how and why it is that he has come to be a solemn peacemaker in the 20th ward, but he is nonetheless reliable and great for those who serve him. As head of his organization Anteiku, he is not afraid to assert his authority, but his demands are mostly agreeable to Anteiku's members. Although rare among the ghouls, Yoshimura holds equal regard to both ghouls and humans.

His kind and fair nature is a stark contrast to what Yoshimura was in the past. During his early years as Kuzen, Yoshimura had a loner's mentality. He was too strong and his strength isolated him from others. He avoided others and closed his heart to anyone he came across. He resented his existence as a ghoul, seeing himself as a curse that killed others in order to stay alive.

After meeting Ukina, his personality took a change for the better. He began to slowly open up to her and eventually came to love her immensely. It is through his relationship with Ukina that Yoshimura decided to create Anteiku and develop his goal to help those like his past self and other ghouls or humans in need. This is best represented with the birth of his child, a bridge between ghouls and humans.

Yoshimura feels strong paternal love for his child and will do anything in his might to protect her: He seeked to hide his child in the 24th ward from V's eyes and became a substitute for the One-Eyed Owl in the 2nd ward attack on the CCG HQ to divert V's attention from his child.

Yoshimura values life and shuns people and ghouls alike if they kill. Because of his ideology, in the third attack by "Owl" on the 2nd Ward Branch Office, and even in the CCG raid on Aogiri's 11th Ward Base, he did not kill anyone, only injuring those he attacked.

Although he has forsaken killing since leaving V, Yoshimura is clearly aware of how his past actions have caused irreversible damage to others. As a result, Yoshimura sees himself as "evil" and is willing to accept death at the hands of his enemies should it ever happen. Despite this sense of self-loathing, he is still willing to kill in extremely desperate situations to protect those that are precious to him, such as his subordinates.

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