Kvar the Fury Tempest or simply known as Kvar, was a villain that appeared in Tales of Symphonia. He was the man in charge of the Asgard Human Ranch. His voice was done by Shigeru Ushiyama in Japanese and English Dubbed by Chris Edgerly.


More than 17 years ago before the story, Kvar developed the Angelus Project, which was to find a host thatcould produce a cruxis crystal within the body. Anna became one of the hosts and was one of the few to have actually survived. When she was rescued by Kratos, Kvar hunted for hosts around the world. Eventually, he and the humans met at the Iselia Human Ranch and removed Anna's exsphere, but without a Key Crest, her mana went out of control and she attacked Kratos and her son, Lloyd Irving. Although Kratos got the exsphere away from Kvar, he had no choice but to mortally wound Anna due to her being out-of-control. Kvar took it as an opportunity and sent the family down a cliff.

14 years later at the present, Kvar was informed that many escaped prisioners were hiding in Luin. He orders an attack where many would be killed and any survivors would be taken to the Human Ranch. There, renegades (including Botta) invaded and Kvar went after them. Lloyd eventually finds out that Kvar was responsible for his mothers mutation (and that his father needed to kill her) after knowing how the exsphere he used once belonged to her. At some point, Kvar realized that some of the data was stolen and suspected Pronyma seeking revenge due to her jealously of him about to get promoted with the Angelus Project Exsphere. Kvar was left to fight the party after hearing that Pronyma knew about the Mana Cannon. After the battle, Raine Sage self-destructed the place and that Kvar attempted to get the exsphere from Lloyd, but he attacked Colette instead. Kvar was stabbed four times in total by Lloyd and Kratos and died in the end.

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