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Now, let's see just how strong the world's most advanced black ops unit really is! Show me what you've got, FOXHOUND!
~ Black Ninja to Solid Snake, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Kyle Schneider, better known by the war alias The Black Ninja, was formerly the leader of Outer Heaven resistance movement before becoming a Zanzibar Land mercenary in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, sent to kill the titular protagonist.



Schneider was originally an architect forced by Outer Heaven to design their barracks. Drawing the line when his wife and child died, Schneider formed and led a resistance group against the PMC and used his military genius to plan the resistance's next movements.

Metal Gear

When the FOXHOUND rookie operative known as Solid Snake was assigned to rescue a captured peer imprisoned by Outer Heaven, Schneider provided the agent with intelligence about the internal structure of the base, as he was the head of its construction. Kyle was originally presumed deceased after Snake lost his frequency, as the resistance leader was just about to reveal the true identity of Outer Heaven's president, who was later found out to be Snake's commanding officer. (Or so it seemed)

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

However, Snake's assumption of Kyle's death was later revealed to be incorrect in 1999, where the former was called back in the field to intercept Zanzibar Land. After the fall of Outer Heaven, Kyle was saved from NATO's bombing run by Big Boss, where, after witnessing the deaths of both resistance members and war orphans, he began to hate the US. Afterwards Schneider became a part of NASA experiments to make him a super-soldier, injecting him with strength-granting drugs and forcefully toughening him up to be the ultimate ninja. This granted him his codename Black Ninja. After Black Ninja's unit was disbanded, having him retreat and join Big Boss' Zanzibar Land PMC where he became a skilled assassin. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, Black Ninja joining the Mercenary War in 1997 led to people knowing of his existence, but nothing of his past.

Black Ninja forgave Big Boss, who was the one behind the former's imprisonment as an architect, as the Zanzibar Land president took pity on him and his men and granted them food and shelter. Indeed, he seemed to almost worship Big Boss as his one true leader. After it was discovered that the kidnapped Dr. Kio Marv had a FOXHOUND transmitter in one of his teeth, Black Ninja was assigned to assassinate any FOXHOUND member who tried to rescue him. After disguising himself as Marv, Black Ninja confronted his former ally, Solid Snake, who was the one sent to rescue Marv, but was defeated despite his enhanced physical condition. Moments from dying thanks to his mortal wounds, the Black Ninja revealed to Snake his identity, where the real Marv was, and that Big Boss was the sole man behind Zanzibar Land's formation, knowing that telling Snake this was what Big Boss would've wanted.


Dr Marv isn't here! Figures that FOXHOUND would use such a cheap transmitter... You guys are really behind the times.
~ Black Ninja reveals himself, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
He came... and saved us from annihilation. He forgave us for what we'd done. He gave us a new land to call home... A new family...
~ Schneider revealing why he joined Big Boss.


  • Kyle shares a striking resemblance to Gray Fox, another anti-villain in the Metal Gear series. Both were originally war operatives and allies to Solid Snake, were forced to become physically peaked ninjas and fought Snake before dying yet redeeming themselves.
  • In the original version of Metal Gear 2, Schneider's alias is Black Color; a mistranslation of "Blackcollar," which serves as a reference to Timothy Zahn's 1983 novel The Blackcollar, involving a titular group of drug-enhanced space ninjas.


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