Kyosuke Higuchi is a major villain in the anime and manga series, Death Note, serving as the main antagonist (alongside L) of the Yotsuba Arc and arch-nemesis of Light Yagami and L. He's a member of the Yotsuba Group, a group of eight high-ranking and powerful executives and members of the Yotsuba Corporation, and is the possessor of a Death Note and turns into the Third Kira. He received the Death Note from Rem and used it to kill all known executives and members of competing companies to Yotsuba to advance the company and gain more wealth as a result. 

He was voiced by Andrew Kavadas in the English dub and Issei Futamata (二又一成) in the Japanese dub.


Kyosuke Higuchi has slick but spiky brown hair and brown eyes and has an odd and insidious look on his face much of the time he's on screen. He's usually seen wearing a black suit with a dark white/light grey shirt underneath with a white tie. In Death Note: Kira Game, his appearance remains the same, but his hair is black instead. 


Kyosuke Higuchi is the Head of Technology in Yotsuba Corporation and one of its eight high-ranking executive. He is chosen by Rem who gives him a Death Note, Light Yagami wanting a particularly selfish individual to possess it, thus becoming the third Kira. Rem orders him to continue the killing of criminals, then allows him to use the Death Note as he wish. Since then, Kyosuke meets every weeks with the rest of Yoshiba Group to choose a person to eliminate to augment their profits. The other members immediately understand one of them is Kira, but ignore is identity.

In one of these meetings, they are interrupted by Matsuda, who was searching for information. Matsuda manages to convinces them he is just Misa Amane's agent and wants a partnership with them. He even invites them at a party. There, L and the Task Force faked his death, preventing im from getting killed by Kyosuke. Later, Arayoshi Hatori, one of the groups's member, start wanting to leave, thinking they are compromised. He is then killed by Kyosuke, using the Death Note.

Rem then reveals Kyosuke's identity to Misa Amane. Misa seduces him then reveals to him she is the second Kira, and tricks him into confessing he is the third Kira, unaware of being recorded.

Meanwhile, L set up a plan to take down Kyosuke, with the help of some members of the group, who betrays him in exchange of immunity. They reveal to Kyosuke Matsuda is alive and going to reveal is identity to Sakura TV. Desperate, Kyosuke run to Sakura TV, accepting Shinigami Eyes from Rem and killing a cop, but is finally arrested by cops wearing blacks helmets led by Aisawa.

He attempts suicide but is prevented by Watari who disarmed in using a riffle from an helicopter. He reveals then the existence of Death Notes. Light manages to touch the Death Note, retrieving his memories, and discreetly uses a Death Note scrap hidden in his watch to kill Higuchi by giving him a heart attack.


Kyosuke Higuchi is a morbid and disgusting individual. His only concern is that of his company and seeks to advance it throughout the business world by any means necessary. Because of his greedy nature, he's the perfect one to possess the Death Note while Light Yagami is imprisoned and has his memories erased as a means of eliminating L. As he uses the Death Note, he becomes determined to eliminate the competition and when Matsuda begins to threaten that, he breaks down and turns to desperate measures to ensure that he's killed, even making the Shinigami Eye Deal with Rem.

Known Victims


  • 12 Criminals - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, pictures shown on tv. The pictures are arranges in two rows with sex on each. 
  • 116 Other Criminals - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, shown in the Death Note. Higuchi makes two vertical rows of names on each page on 32 lines, minus the twelve he had just written.
  • 128 More Criminals - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, shown in the Death Note. It's unknown how he wrote this many names so quickly, but they'll be counted anyways.
    • Total - 256


  • 13 Businessmen - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, mentioned.
    • Total - 13


  • Arayoshi Hatori – Killed offscreen when Higuchi wrote his name in the Death Note.
    • Total - 1


  • 8 Criminals - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, pictures shown on tv.
  • 56 Other Criminals - Names written in the Death Note by Higuchi, shown in the Death Note. This time, it's four rows on a single page.
    • Total - 64


  • Ito Shiroba – Crashed his motorcycle into the back of a truck, as written by Higuchi in the Death Note.
    • Total - 1

Total Kills

  • 335 People


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  • Higuchi's writing style in the Death Note is making two vertical rows of names on each 32 lined page, making 4 rows, totaling in 64 names every page.

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