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So ​​you go to work no matter what, including prostitution to bring money here for me!
~ Kyouno forcing Natsumi into prostitution.

Kyouno ■■, also known as Natsumi's Mother is a minor antagonist in Date A Live franchise. She first appears in the last volume of the light novel series as the abusive mother of Kyouno Natsumi.


According to Natsumi, she was similar to her in both face and body, hinting that she was beautiful of some short, however, since Natsumi considered herself to be ugly because she was bullied by everyone in her school, she found her mother to be an ugly beast.


Kyouno was considered to be a "scumbag" of the worst level, a failure in life who was addicted in drugs. She was an aggressive and barbaric individual who unleashed her stress in abusing and humiliating her daughter.


Not much is known about Natsumi's Mother but according to Natsumi she couldn't remember her father's face clearly because he left a long time ago, hinting that her father was married to her mother but at some point they divorced, leaving Natsumi and her mother behind with no financial support. However, much later, it was revealed that Natsumi’s father had another wife and child. He appeared to have kept paying a large amount of childcare payments, including hush fees, in secret to Natsumi's mother. 

Kyouno ■■ was a woman who hated Natsumi's existence as she thought her husband left her because of Natsumi. Daily, her mother threw curses at her, which made Natsumi confused as she only thought that it was her bad behavior that made Kyouno ■■ angry like that. So, she tried everything she could, from housework, to obedience, to being a good child. However, that only made Kyouno ■■ angrier. Over time, her mother's abusive behavior only got worse as she began to use drugs to feel relaxed.

Kyouno ■■ always looked down on Natsumi as an ugly. Although she didn't really understand the beauty and the bad, but because Kyouno ■■ always said that, making Natsumi believe that was the truth. Natsumi thought that if herself was cuter, Kyouno ■■ would probably love her. Her mother tried to starve Natsumi by not preparing any food for Natsumi, however, Natsumi found a new main source of nutrition at the elementary school. Kyouno ■■ also didn't care about Natsumi showering or washing clothes, so she often went to school in dirty clothes, causing Natsumi to suffer bully at the hands of her classmates.

One day when Natsumi returned from her school, she found everything from bookshelves, TVs, microwaves were destroyed after Kyouno ■■ smashed it all soon after consuming drugs. She later found out Kyouno ■■ had received the notice that Natsumi's father was dead, so the pension money from him would no longer exist. Without thinking twice, Kyouno ■■ tried to force Natsumi to use her body so gain some cash after she tossed a glass at her head. The fragments from the glass pierced into Natsumi's forehead, causing blood to begin to flow out. However, much to her mother's fury, Natsumi said she was too ugly to become a prostitute because she was similar to her mother, leading her to choke her daughter. Before Natsumi could be killed, Mio Takamiya, as Phantom, appeared before her and asked if she wanted power. Naturally, Natsumi accepted it by touching the Sephirah Crystal given to her. Natsumi then became a Spirit and with the power of the Angel Haniel, she transformed her mother into a small frog. 

After that, Natsumi tried to kill her but gave up on the idea and ran away from her home, leaving her mother in the form of a small frog. It's unknown what happened to her mother after that.


  • Everytime Natsumi tries to remember the face and name of her mother, statics cover her face and ■■ appears when her first name is tried to be mentioned.


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