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Yojutsu: Hidaihansoku Technique.
~ Kyuemon's chant as he grows a fallen Youkai.

Kyuemon Izayoi, born Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni, is the secondary antagonist of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. He is the second-in-command and later de jure leader of Kibaoni Army Corps, as well as the leader of Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corps. He is the only modern-day surviving general of Kibaoni Army Corps, and the one responsible for their resurrection in the present day.

He was voiced by Megumi Han, who later also portrayed his vessel Luna Kokonoe/MidoNinger in Ninnin Girls vs. Boys Final Wars.



Born Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni, Kyuemon is the eldest son of Gengetsu Kibaoni that he personally sent 444 years into the future before his death. He later became the student of Yoshitaka Igasaki because of holding a huge proficiency in ninjutsu.

During his apprenticeship, Kyuemon trained with Tsumuji Igasaki as ninjas, with Kyuemon showing more in terms of proficiency and lack of hesitancy. When Yoshitaka derided Tsumuji for being so hesitant and lacking nintality, Kyuemon stripped Tsumuji's of his ninja powers and memory, seeing this as the only logical choice, just before the Last Ninja caught him.

Sometime later, Kyuemon became fearful of the power, and defected from Yoshitaki when the latter refused to entrusted him with the End Shuriken. Feeling betrayed by his master, Kyuemon eventually fell to darkness and turned into Kyuemon Izayoi the Ninningers know now.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger


  • While initially either gender-ambiguous or feminine, Izayoi was revealed not to be female but a male in the second arc of the show.
  • While he is male in Ninninger, his Power Rangers counterpart, Madame Odius is female. Unlike his PR counterpart who remained completely evil and never redeemed herself in the end, Kyuemon is the exact opposite, and having returned to the side of the heroes in spirit at one point.


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