You've seen my power, and yet you hope to defeat me. You are nothing but a fool. I'll take Avalon by force. Go and join your son in the afterlife!
~ Kzinssie
You really are tenacious. But I'd have it no other way. Here I come!
~ Kzinssie

Kzinssie is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Kzinssie is one of the Seven Heroes. He is the weakest member of the Seven, and was also the last to join the group, mostly because the other members despised him for his ill manners, only being allowed into the group after Noel interceded for him, believing in his hidden potential. Upon the Heroes return, Kzinssie immediately set his sights on the then small kingdom of Avalon, taking over the town of Somon to prepare for his attack on the Avalon castle.

Upon returning from a hunt, the Emperor Leon is requested an audience by the seer Orieve, who warns him about Kzinssie. He dismisses the warn and goes on another hunt with his youngest son Gerard, leaving his eldest son Victor on his stead. Upon their return, they find the town devastated and their guards killed, with Victor laying in the middle of the street. Victor tells them Kzinssie was responsible for the attack before passing away, so Leon orders his chancellor to find Orieve and bring her to him. After the two have a discussion, Leon calls Gerard so they can go to Somon and exact revenge.

Leon confronts Kzinssie, who uses his Soul Steal technique to rip his life away. Leon is brought back to Avalon, where he tells Gerard that Orieve taught him how to use Inheritance Magic, which allowsa person to pass down his memories and abilities to his heir, revealing he attacked Kzinssie so he could learn the secret of his Soul Steal. As Leon passes out, the Inheritance Magic takes effect, and Gerard inherits his father's memories and abilities. Before he can mourn, however, the city is attacked by a group of goblins under Kzinssie's command, so Gerard form a group and fights back, driving the goblins away.

With the city of Avalon safe, Gerard returns to Somon and confronts Kzinssie again, this time emerging victorious thanks to his newfound knowledge of Kzinssie's secret technique. With Kzinssie defeated, peace returns to Avalon, but he promises to return one day and exact revenge.

Many centuries later, after all the other Heroes had already been defeated, Kzinssie returns and sends a letter to the Final Emperor, challenging him to a duel on the Sealed Cave close to Avalon. The Emperor explores the cave and finds Kzinssie on the crypts below, where Kzinssie sends his minions after him. After all minions are defeated Kzinssie is pleased and confronts the Emperor, but is once again defeated. Like all other heroes, his soul returns to the Final Dungeon where they all fuse together for the final fight.


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