LD-002S Scervo is an ancient and fearsome robotic pirate that was once the scourge of the Lanayru Sea countless millennia ago. He is a boss from the game Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


Many millennia ago, Scervo was part of a seafaring crew led by the kind robot Captain Skipper until one day Scervo started a mutiny against him and took Skipper's marvelous ship and crew for himself and used the ship's unique camouflage ability to become a notorious and powerful pirate.

Many millenia then passed, and the Lanayru Sea dried up and became an endless uninhabited desert. However still sailing amongst the sand dunes was the ancient ship still manned by captain Scervo himself, and despite the countless centuries that had passed and the complete extinction of his fellow robots, the ancient Scervo still functioned and remained intact, ever vigilant and proud of his greatest capture, bravely standing at the stem of his ship despite the wear and tear suffered at the hands of time.

Eventually Scervo's ship would be boarded by the legendary Hero of the Goddess, Link, seeking to reclaim the ship for the revived Skipper and claim the Sacred Flame within.

Link then confronted the ancient Scervo face to face. The pirate drew out his sword and engaged the hero in battle with incredible tenacity, showing that he still possessed incredible strength and skill despite his incredibly advanced age.

However he proved to be no match for the hero of legend and fell off his ship into the sand sea below where he exploded upon impact. Link's companion Fi then complimented Scervo for his tenacity in staying alive for so long.


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