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I'm gonna crush you all!
~ LL Onene when she grew and before her death.

LL Onene is an outlaw motorcycle gang member-themed alien and is the main antagonist in episode 10 of the 1996 TV series Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

She is voiced by Michiyo Yanagisawa.


Onene made her first appearance at the BB Saloon in a depressed state because she wants to know how is the Bowzock form. Which she explained to the other members and with that said she'd got very happy as she left for Earth. Speaking of which she appeared on the said planet as she tripped Naoki and drafted him to be part of her biking gang. After that she'd brought down her tricked out bike called "Shooting Star" and rode off on it with Naoki right behind her.

A while later she used the same method on the three ladies and drafted them to be part of her biking gang and a bit later more civilians has been drafted into her biking gang as they rampage across the city. Thankfully the Carranger showed up and tried to use the safety to their advantage, but they just rode past the red light and went over the Carrangers go-karts. So Red Racer chase LL Onene in his go-kart, but due to her biking skills she'd pedals even faster than a go-kart as she is way ahead of him and the bike design can easily go through narrow passage.

A while later she drafted a bunch of preschoolers into biking too as well as the kids went rampaging across the playground. She'd also drafted the high school students into her biking gang too as shown when they're riding on unicycle. During the rampage Natsumi sacrificed herself as she got stampeded into saving Naoki. A while later Natsumi has an idea on defeating Onene.

With the help of the headband Naoki got a lot of exercise in biking so when Onene showed he used the energy that he has and catch up to her. A while later the two bikers race each other across the city. After that Naoki manages to get LL Onene off of her bike and then transformed to battle her and a couple of wumpers.

After being knocked down by Blue Racer LL Onene ate a potato jelly to enlarge herself prompting the team to bring out RV Robo to battle her. After that she was then destroyed by this finisher called Racing Slash.


LL Onene has a very excited hyper active personality. She loves cycling and thinks it's more fun the more bikers there are. Which is the main reason she turns people into crazy reckless bikers. Despite being a member of the Bowzocks, she seems to have surprisingly little actual malice in her soul. Unlike the other Bowzock members, she isn't trying to hurt anybody intentionally. The fact that her actions would have destroyed society was just an unintended consequence of her doing what she loved.

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