Cegua 3

La Cegua (from Nahuatl, cihuatl, woman), also known as Segua or Tzegua, is a character from Central American legends, a spectral being who materializes at night on lonely roads, asking for help to take her to a nearby town . the ghost usually appears to womanizing men in the form of a very beautiful woman, which later transforms into a monster with the head of a horse.


Once upon a time, a young lady know for his reckleness, indulge her life into parties, her mother see what she does, try to stop to stop her, before the young lady could slap her mother, a repulsive black arm hold the punch, and cursed her to become in the repulsive spectre that she is, nowadays, La Cegua is a siniter entity known for attacking lonely men by first using his charm and later scary them when they saw that they brought an gruesome spirit inside their car which will murder them and leading in gruesomes, agonizing and terribles death.

The only way known to defeat and escape alive is using mustard seeds and throwing it in front of her, so she will begin to recolected, in that moment the victim could run and scape.


Known as a dreaded figure, La Cegua is a terrible spectre who torment the lonely paths from central american, Before she turn into a monster, She was known for be cruel, cold and reckless, it was after being cursed that she develoved the true monster that was inside her, willing to kill whoever got in her way, La Cegua is one of the few spirits of Latino-American legend that is known for being feared and respected.


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