La Grenouille (real name: René Benoit) is a villain that appears on NCIS. He is a French weapons dealer that is being hunted by NCIS Director Jenny Shepard because she believed that he killed her father, Colonel Jasper Shepard.

He was portrayed by Armand Assante who also played Rico in Judge Dredd and Carlo D'Allesandro in Hoffa 


Prior to Colonel Shepard's alleged suicide, La Grenouille bribed him; La Grenouille admits this to Jenny just before he was killed. La Grenouille was murdered on his yacht the night following his meeting with Director Shepard and Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the home of Director Shepard. He had met with Director Shepard to ask for protection because he no longer trusted Trent Kort, the CIA agent he was working with. However, Shepard was in no means about to protect the man she despised; she strongly refused. His body was found a few months later and his death was investigated by FBI agent Special Agent Tobias Fornell.

Jeanne told the FBI that she saw DiNozzo assassinate her father, making DiNozzo the subject of the investigation into La Grenouille's murder. During the investigation Director Shepard was suspended and Vance temporarily assumed the directorship. Under interrogation by Director Shepard, Jeanne admitted she did not witness the killing.

CIA agent Trent Kort brought the investigation to a halt by claiming that the agency was responsible for La Grenouille's death in a "sanctioned" action. Gibbs was not convinced, continued investigating, and found forensic evidence suggesting that Director Shepard had been the one who had killed La Grenouille but he buried the evidence. It is proven that La Grenouille's assassin used Director Shepard's gun to kill him. Shepard, however, claimed that La Grenouille took the gun when he left her home. While Kort confesses to murdering La Grenouille, it is further suggested that Shepard herself killed La Grenouille when Gibbs remembers that he saw La Grenouille put her gun on the table before he left.

It was soon discovered that La Grenouille was not responsible for the death of Colonel Shepard and that Kort was the true culprit.


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