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She wants your children.
~ The main tagline of The Curse of La Llorona
Ay, mis hijos...
~ La Llorona's catchphrase (meaning "Oh, my children..." in Spanish).

La Llorona is the titular main antagonist of the 2019 supernatural horror film The Curse of La Llorona, the sixth entry in The Conjuring film franchise.

She was portrayed by Marisol Ramirez.


In 1673, a Mexican couple is playing in the forests with their two children, and one of the mother's sons bestows to her a necklace. However, when he reopened his eyes, he saw that he was alone. While searching for his family, he finds his mother drowning his older brother in a river. He attempts to flee only for his mother to then grab him and subsequently drown him in the water. Shortly after murdering her children, the grief-stricken woman tosses herself into the water to reunite with her children in the afterlife. However, this was not to be as instead of being allowed to pass on, the woman was forced to walk the Earth to find her lost sons. She would become known as "La Llorona", with whosoever hearing her cry would be marked for death.

Three hundred years later in Los Angeles, California, La Llorona began haunting Patricia Alvarez and her two sons, causing the mother to lock her children away for protection. Due to Patricia’s sons’ absence from school, social worker Anna Tate-Garcia is called to retrieve her children in suspicions of Patricia potentially harming them. Upon arriving to her home, Anna ignores Patricia's warnings that she was protecting her sons, she instead opens the door they were locked in, and takes the boys to the child services shelter despite their own warnings, unaware of the consequences this would bring about. Unfortunately, the two boys are lured away by La Llorona, and they are transported to a river where they are drowned by the malevolent force. Desiring vengeance on Anna for her intrusion, Patricia prays fervently to La Llorona, begging her to take Anna's children in return for giving her children back to her.

While investigating the deaths of Patricia's children, Anna’s son Chris hears weeping and goes to discover the source of it. Seeing La Llorona, he becomes branded by the ghost and later he tries to keep La Llorona from getting into the car with him and his sister Samantha, suffering from hallucinations of her in the process (which La Llorona undoubtedly caused). The next day, Samantha‘a umbrella is blown away in a gust of wind repeatedly, leading the girl to the edge of a community pool. Catching the umbrella, La Llorona grabs Samantha and leaves identical burn marks on her arm. Noticing that her children were becoming reclusive, Anna goes to interview Patricia, learning that she had bargained with La Llorona to take her children in return for her sons. Returning home, La Llorona nearly drowns Samantha in the bath tub, and burns Anna's arm. They are compelled to go to the church for answers. Father Perez (who had dealt with a case concerning a possessed Annabelle doll) who recommends that they receive assistance from a former priest named Rafael Olvera. After convincing him to help them, he sets out candles and other charms to prevent La Llorona from getting the children. In one instance, Samantha unwittingly breaks the barrier placed at the front door to retrieve her doll and is nearly drowned by La Llorona.

Patricia arrives to the house and forcibly tries to sacrifice Chris and Samantha to La Llorona, breaking the barrier in response. However, she eventually realizes the error of her ways and opts to help Anna and her children. La Llorona briefly corners the children in the attic, but is distracted by Chris giving her her necklace, which he snatched off of her. Seeing the scene to be similar to when her own sons gifted her the necklace, La Llorona regains human form and lovingly caresses Chris’s face, viewing him as her own son. However, when Samantha accidentally uncovers a mirror, La Llorona becomes malevolent again and attacks them. Fortunately, Anna stabs La Llorona with an artifact known as the "Fire Cross" which was made of the wood that was in the same location that La Llorona originally drowned her children, ergo, acting as the only "witnesses" to her crime. La Llorona is destroyed by the artifact as she vomits blood from her mouth and dissolves into blood. As Anna and her children deal with the aftermath of the event, Anna discovers a puddle of what seams to be tears, lightly implying that La Llorona may not be completely gone.





  • The Curse of La Llorona was the last film in The Conjuring Universe that arrived into the post-production state when Lorraine Warren was alive at the time. Lorraine Warren passed away on April 18, 2019 at the age of ninety-two, one day before the movie was released.
  • La Llorona is the first villain in a feature-length film from The Conjuring Universe franchise who has no direct connection or interaction to either Annabelle the Doll or Valak.
  • In the original legend, La Llorona was a beautiful woman named Maria who went mad with jealousy after her husband abandoned her and only acknowledged her children, thus causing her to drown them in a rage. Given how there was a man briefly seen with her when she was alive playing with her children in the first scene, it is hinted that her backstory still applies to her original legend.