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Don't you dare speak back to me, insolent bard.
~ La Signora to Venti.

La Signora, also known as The Fair Lady or just Signora is the 8th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers of the Fatui and a major antagonist in 2020 video game Genshin Impact. She first appears at the end of Act 3, serving as the ultimate antagonist and is set to return in future Chapters.

Despite her beauty and sophisticated nature, La Signora is in fact a member of Fatui, a malicious group of diplomats from Snezhnaya led by the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and occupies the 8th Seat inside of the organization. While a loyal member of Fatui, she is not popular among the other members and is widely disliked by most of them. Highly arrogant and sadistic, La Signora is a prideful narcissistic who aims to steal other Archons from other gods from The Seven and other nations for unknown purposes.

She is voiced by Yui Shouji in the Japanese version, whom also voiced Abnes in Hyper Dimension Neptunia in one of her few villainous role.


La Signora is a woman of great taste and sophistication, dressed in high-quality clothes and flaunting her looks, authority and powers to other people she consider to be mostly inferior to her; her personality is also a catalyst to why some Fatui members dislike her for her arrogant behavior.

Despite her arrogance, she was shown to be rather protective over her master and brutally assaulted Venti for daring to speak bad qualities about her Tsarita of Snezhnaya, a god he used to be friend more than 500 years ago.


La Signora is a old member of the Fatui that rules the land of Snezhnaya and serves the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya with the best of her abilities. She makes her first appearance at the end of Act 3 of the Prologue when she was sent by her master to steal Venti's Gnosis.

After the Venti and the Traveler walk away from the Mondstadt Cathedral, La Signora accompained by her agents and mages strike the group by surprise, quickly apprehending them and taunting Venti who was too weak to be considered a "god" by Mondstadt country. While she easily defeated Venti, her agents hold back the Traveler allowing her to easily pull out Venti's Gnosis for her master. She then decides to leave before the Knights of Favonius can spot her and recognize her as a member of the malicious Fatui, knocking out both Traveler and Venti.

Weeks later, Zhongli (also known as the mortal form of Rex Lapis the Geo Archon of Liyue) was approached by Signora under the influence of Tsaritsa once said deity decided to "retire" from his duty as the guardian of Liyue and leave the land to be taken care of by the mortals. Both Signora and Zhongli formed "a contract to end all contracts" and both used Tartaglia and his Fatui division as their pawn and form an incident that would shake Liyue to the core by faking the death of their Archon. Rex is purportedly "assassinated" during the titular Rite, and his vessel - known as the Exuvia - was taken away to the Golden House by the Liyue Qixing to hide the body from potential threats like the Fatui that were the first to receive the blame. When the battle was over with the defeat of Fatui and the ancient god unleashed by Childe to destroy Liyue and lure the Geo Archon to him, Signora revealed her plan to Childe and the Traveler at the Northland Bank as Zhongli handed his own Geo Gnosis to Signora. From that point on, Childe's disdain for Signora only got worse to the point he refused to share the same boat with Signora when returning back to Snezhnaya.

Powers & Abilities

La Signora was "blessed" by Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya. with cryokinesis powers, and shown to create solid frozen surfaces with a single snap, however, the true extension of powers is yet to be revealed. Much like other Harbingers, she received the "god-like executive authority" by the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya to rule over Snezhnaya region.



  • Much like other Fatui Harbingers' aliases, her name is derived from a stock character in commedia dell'arte, a type of comedy Italian theater. Commedia is a form of theatre characterized by masked "types" that is design to represent a character in the show. The La Signora character is typically represented as "tough, beautiful, and calculating" character. She is also proud and enjoys mocking others, something that was probably used to inspire her overall character.
  • "La signora" means "The Lady" in italian.
  • The base character for her inspiration from Honkai Impact 3rd may be Bianca Durandal Astegina, much like how The God was based from Herrscher of the Void. However, evidences suggest that she was more likely inspired by Catherine the Great whom curiously is also related to ice and Russian elements. Moreover, Snezhnaya, the region where La Signora currently rules over also draws Russian themes.


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