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Labyrinth the villains in this series are known collectively as denizens of "Labyrinth" (Rabirinsu). They use three monster types: the Nakewamekes, the Nakisakebes, and the Sorewatases.

Though Toymajin from the movie is not a servant of Moebius, he is still the movie's main villain as allied with Moebius.


  • Moebius: Leader
  • Toymajin: Self-proclaimed brother of Moebius and an ally. But not an official member.
  • Klein: Moebius's Creation
  • Northa: Moebius's Creation
  • Soular: Quits and aids the PreCures.
  • Westar: Quits and aids the PreCures.
  • Eas: Quits and became Cure Passion.
  • Nakewameke


Before and after Moebius rule

The dimension originally used to be run by human-like people making advanced technology and created Moebius until it hypnotized his creators and the denizens making them his servants and him their leader. Under Moebius rule, nobody had happiness, freedom or will. They only obey and serve Moebius following his orders for the rest of their life. In the way of life in Labyrinth, the denizens must follows a schedule or else follow the consequence and be destroyed. Their lifetime were controlled by Klein with Eas for an example. Klein monitors everything in Labyrinth.

The Beginning of the series

Since Moebius's ego grew, Moebius wishes more and it was not something in his world, it was to control many worlds making his own. He sends his 3 of his trusted denizens to earth in a mission to fill up a sorrow pipe and find something that is called "Infinity" to be able to have the power to conquer all worlds. Meanwhile in Sweet Kingdom, there was a prophecy about Infinity and the evil one. It was revealed Infinity was Chiffon and the evil one was Moebius and his kingdom and if he gets his hands on Chiffon, he will rule all worlds. To protect Chiffon, Tiramisu uses the legend of Pretty Cure and sends out 4 Pickruns to find new Pretty Cures to protect Chiffon and fight Labyrinth.



  • Their names come from the cardinal directions.
  • Eas is the only person who left Labyrinth to become a Pretty Cure.
  • They are the only villains in the Pretty Cure​ franchise that cannot teleport.

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