Laccard Zimone
I thought I smelled rats...ELIMINATE THEM!
~ Laccard Zimone

Laccard Zimone is the secondary villain in the arcade video game, Ghost Squad. He is the mastermind of the "Indigo Wolves".

In "Operation: Air Force One", Laccard and his henchmen had taken over the plane and held everyone hostage; including the President. When Alpha Blue found Laccard holding the President hostage in the conference room, he kidnapped the President and attempted to escape, but Alpha Blue followed him to the cargo bay. He threatened to capture the president and fly out of the cargo bay VIA a fighter jet while threatening Alpha Blue (and Alpha Red) to set off a grenade. After a short gun battle, Alpha Blue shot him in the head which sent him flying out of the plane and was killed when he was blown up by his own grenade.

An alternate outcome to this is when Lacard successfully flees on his jet fighter after detonating his grenade on Alpha Blue and Alpha Red, killing the President in the process, thus aborting the mission.