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You who have left me with nothing. I gave you back your power. I gave you back your immortality. When you destroyed our Loom, we all lost that gift. I was a god! Now, I'm... nothing.
~ Lachesis's last words before being left to her fate as a mortal by Clotho.

Lachesis is the main antagonist of Season 5 of the TV series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

She is an ancient Greek deity, the leader of the three Fates and the sister of Clotho and Atropos. She determined the destinies of mortals and controlled their lives with the Loom of Fate, which was stolen by Clotho to give humanity free will again. She intends on retrieving it and using it to enslave mankind in her own vision. She is also Clotho/Charlie's archenemy.

She is portrayed by Sarah Strange.



In ancient Greek times, the Fates, which comprised of Lachesis and her sisters Atropos and Clotho used to weave the threads of the Loom Fate, which is a magical object capable of manipulating the fates of mortal people. Because she was in charge of controlling mortals' fates during their lives, Lachesis was the leader of the Fates. However, Clotho betrayed the two of them by destroying the Loom and scattered its pieces all across the multiverse, wanting mortals to take grasp of their own desired destinies. Because the Loom is the source of the Fates' powers, this drastically diminished their powers and gave way for Clotho to escape.

Because each piece was in a separate universe in their own timelines, Lachesis was unable to retrieve the Loom of Fate. Desiring some power over others, Lachesis travelled to Hell, introducing the soul coin currency to gain some control, though she maintained a low profile to avoid the wrath of the Triumvirate of Hell.

After the Crisis and amalgamation of the universes from the original multiverse into what is now known as Earth-Prime, the pieces of the Loom all now existed on the same plane, restoring Lachesis' powers. Wanting vengeance against Clotho for what she did, she started whispering in her sister's head, interfering with her shape-shifting and threatening to kill both her and the Legends.

Finding the Loom

Lachesis worked as a coin maker in Hell, where she formed a bond with Astra Logue after finding her alone and suffering as a child. She manipulated the young woman into hating John Constantine while feeding information she learned about him to Atropos to aid her in her search for the Loom pieces.

Later, Lachesis took the form of Astra so she could steal her soul token collection. Afterwards, she unleashed the Encores within the tokens on John Constantine and Zari Tarazi on Earth whilst they were stuck in the past. Lachesis’ treachery was discovered by Astra soon after. Afterwards, Lachesis and Atropos welcomed Astra to go along with them as the third Fate, supplanting Charlie. Astra says she will go along with them, yet that she needs Constantine's coin, as he is hers to play with, but Astra secretly ends up cheating on them and joining the Legends on the Waverider.

Though Clotho feels that she was trained to be her lapdog, Astra feels that Lachesis trained her to be a Fate. In order to be able to use the Loom of Fate, Astra drinks from the Chalice of Dionysus and gets the temporary power of a god; Lachesis then appears before her and tells her that she needs a favor from her.

With Astra's help, the two sisters steal the Waverider and disable Gideon. Atropos no longer sees a need for Astra, because they now have the Loom, but Lachesis talks her sister out of killing the young lady. Astra feels that Natalie can now be restored; Lachesis shows Astra a future where she will still mourn her mother as she dies in a hospital, making Astra realize that she was thinking along very temporary lines and making Astra question if resurrecting her biological mother is really worth everything that has happened.

Atropos reports that the Loom rings are missing, so the three women know that they are not alone on the Waverider; they quickly find Gary Green with his rabbit, but he uses a quick spell to make the rings vanish. Lachesis and Atropos tell Astra to get him to return the rings. When the two return, they find that Astra, whose immortality has now faded, has sided with Gary and ultimately the Legends. As punishment for her betrayal, Lachesis silently has Atropos kill her and coldly watches.


When Clotho finds her way onto the ship, she makes a deal with her sisters that the Legends can live in the new world that is created without free will, but they must be television characters on various shows.

One day, as the Fates meet with the common people to grant their desires, it is noticed that the Legends have escaped their imprisonment and are seeking to destroy the Loom; the Legends succeed, killing Atropos in the process, but they disappear for four months. During that time, Lachesis blames Clotho for their sister's death and makes her a living museum exhibit of how free will is bad. Meanwhile, Lachesis finds a way to make people addicted to having Gideon tell them what to do by having all wear the Fatewatch.

As Lachesis gives a museum tour to a group of young people to show them the worst offenders in history, with Clotho and the Legends as numbers one and two, respectively, Astra reveals herself in Clotho's chair. She confronts her adopted mother about whether she raised her out of love or just to be a replacement for Clotho. Lachesis is annoyed by the accusation, but is powerless to do anything about it; with the Loom destroyed, she is mortal. The Legends then reveal that they are also in the museum, only pretending to be wax figures, causing Lachesis to flee, but first, she calls upon more Encores to battle the heroes.

Lachesis soon learns that she has lost control of Gideon. When Clotho, wielding the Hell pugio, corners her. But instead of being stabbed, Lachesis receives a hug; Clotho tells her that she is forgiven. Lachesis was furious, proclaiming that she was a god with the Loom, and without it, she's nothing. Charlie brushes this, saying she must make the most of the rest of her now-mortal life.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment


  • Magic: Even without her connection to the Loom, Lachesis was still capable of using magic. However, she only used magic to summon Encores.

Former Powers

  • Deity physiology/Bond with the Loom of Fate: As a Greek Fate, Lachesis was capable of performing supernatural feats. Specifically, her powers are directly linked to the integral status of the Loom of Fate. While it was intact, she was at her full capacity; when it was broken into separate pieces and scattered throughout different dimensions and/or universes, her powers were drastically diminished; when its pieces were broken but remained in the same plane/dimension/universe, her powers were at near full capacity. Following the destruction of the Loom at the Legends' hands, she was completely stripped of her powers; thus, she was rendered human.
    • Sisterly bond: Lachesis could directly communicate with her sister Clotho, albeit via pain-inflicting whispers. This can only be achieved if the pieces of the Loom of Fate existed on the same plane/dimension/universe.
    • Teleportation: Lachesis could teleport virtually anywhere with a thought. She was shown to use this power for negligible reasons, even to just cross a room.
      • Apportation: Lachesis could teleport objects to herself, which she has done before with Constantine's soul token.
    • Interdimensional travel: Lachesis could travel to other planes of existence outside universe, given that she traveled to Hell without dying.
    • Shapeshifting: As a deity, Lachesis could assume any form she wants, including Astra's form.
    • Life manipulation: According to Clotho, it was Lachesis's job to determine how long a person's life/thread would be and what their destiny would be. This is shown when she works as a soul coin maker in Hell and was able to cause Constantine to experience a fatal lung cancer on 10 years earlier than he was supposed to.
    • Immortality: As a deity, Lachesis was immortal, unable to die or age.
    • Illusion projection: Lachesis demonstrated the ability to project thoughts into the mind of another, as seen when she showed Astra painful thoughts of losing her mother to natural causes when attempting to convince her that using the Loom of Fate to bring her mother back would just put her through the pain of losing again later on.


  • Manipulator: According to Clotho, Lachesis can manipulate individuals into doing what she wants. After years of desiring to resurrect her mother, Astra was convinced by Lachesis to abandon her mission.


  • Loom of Fate: As a Fate, Lachesis manipulated the Loom with her sisters.
  • Gideon: Upon the destruction of the original Loom of Fate, Lachesis used Gideon to make the Fatewatch.


  • In Greek mythology, Lachesis is, as on the show, the Fate in charge of measuring the threads of fate, determining how long a person would live.
  • Lachesis is the only Legends of Tomorrow main antagonist to not be killed in any season, instead being left powerless and forgiven by her sister Clotho.
    • She is also currently the only main antagonist in the show who originated from mythology, rather than from the comics or as an original character.


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