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Don't get me wrong. My parents were killed because they were weak. Just like you'll be killed. Because you're weak, too. That's all.
~ Lady Alice explaining her social-darwinistic views.
Decus! Oh Decus, *cries* I love you too. I do. I really, really do love you! How could you?! You did this to him! Martmart... I'll be with you again soon. Soon, we'll be together.
~ Alice's last words.

Lady Alice is the secondary antagonist in the 2008 video game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. She is an eighteen year-old girl that represents as a leader of the Vanguard's combat unit.

She was voiced by Mami Kingetsu, who also voiced Stussy and Charlotte Compote in One Piece and Da Ji in Warriors Orochi.


In the past, Alice's parents were killed by monsters during a pilgrimage according to the Church of Martel's Teachings. She spent her childhood at an orphanage in Hima, where she was bullied due to her being a half-elf. She made a pact with a demon, giving her control over monsters in exchange for finding the "Forbidden Tome of Demon Lords". Though the book was destroyed, she used the monster's remains to save Decus from punishment at the orphanage. Afterwards, she devoted herself into "changing the world" by becoming a vital member of the Vanguard.

In Asgard, she first met Emil and his group while hunting down for Colette Brunel. She beated Hawk with her rapier after he spoke back to her and went to the mayor's house. When Marta attempts to save a boy after a strong wind, Alice sent Hawk to attack them. After the monsters were defeated, Alice fled the village. She tried to pursue Emil and Marta in Hakonesia Peak and Palmacosta, but was (briefly) prevented by Richter Abend. When Emil and Marta started to head back to Luin, they overheard Alice and Richter talking about getting the Cruxis Crystals from Zelos and Colette.

In the Dynasty Ruins, she herself and her monsters fought Emil's group, but was defeated. After the battle, one of her monsters "Porthos" came back to her senses and tried to kill her, but was rescued by Zelos (only cause he likes girls). In Meltokio, Alice set off a golum bomb and attached it to Emil. Tenebrae sacrificed himself to save Emil and that resulted him into turning back into a core and being relocated into ine Temple of Darkness. Shortly afterwards, when Decus kidnapped Seles Wilder, Alice was seen torturing her in the Cape Fortress.

Alice, Brute, and the Vanguard took control of Altamira and threatened to blow up the city with bombs unless the party would surrender Marta. While they got rid of the detonator and turning the power of, Alice tried to prevent the citizens from escaping, but Presea intervened and helped them escape. During the infiltration, she tricked Emil and Marta into thinking that Decus went insane from the use of Solum's Core. She sent Marta through a trap door, which led straight to her father. After Brute came back to his senses, Alice and Decus escaped.

Alice and Decus had their final battle with Emil and Marta in the Ginnungagap. Alice pretended to be in a weak state in order to kill Marta. Emil tried to stop her, but Decus protected Alice and took a fatal blow. After Decus died, Alice realized that she loved Decus too and attempted to kill Emil for good, but was killed by Marta instead.


[Awww!] I'm so disappointed you still haven't found Colettie. Poo! Alice is so tired!
~ Lady Alice was disappointed that the soldiers failed to find Colette.
*Giggles* I just said that I'm tired. Now, now, you should know better than to...
~ After Lady Alice swatted Hawk before she swat him again.
Talk... back.. to... me!
~ Lady Alice swatting Hawk four times after she becomes angry.
No wonder you let Martmart slip through our fingers and failed so spectacularly in Luin. Must I do everything myself?
~ Lady Alice blamed Hawk for letting Marta escaped before she can do everything herself.
Hawkie, are you listening to me?
~ Lady Alice asked Hawk is he's listening to her properly.
Hurry and find that pesky Colettie. I'll be at the mayor's house. Ta-ta.
~ Lady Alice telling Hawk to find Colette.
*Giggle* Not so fast, darlings.
~ Lady Alice stopping Emil, Marta, and Tenabrae.
Hawkie, go get him!
~ Lady Alice telling Hawk to go after Emil.
And look what we found while looking for Colettie! I'm so lucky! Decus might not like it, but I'll be taking Ratatosk's core!
~ Lady Alice stomping on Marta's fingers.
Well aren't you a stubborn one?
~ Lady Alice
But it's not my fault that she fell to her death because of the wind. I'm sure the Commander will understand that accidents can happen.
~ Lady Alice
Oh, I am so lucky! Now I can take out two little birdies with one stone! Hawkie! Athos! Portos! Take care of them!
~ Lady Alice ordering her minions to kill the heroes.
What are you all doing?! You're so useless! Aramis, get us out of here!
~ Lady Alice
Awww, Decus is in charge of that area. That's no fun! Guess that means we should just concentrate on the Centurions' cores.
~ Lady Alice planning to take Centurions' core.
Oh, Martmart's coming? *Giggles* Then I'll leave the Centurions' cores to you, Hawkie! I'll go and set up a nice ambush for our sweet little Martmart when she gets to Palmacosta!
~ Lady Alice givingadvice to Hawk.
Oh, Richter! There you are! Richter, are you looking for Martmart too? Hey!
~ Lady Alice finding Richter.
You're Martmart's pet!
~ Lady Alice
You're on his side? You know, if you'd just let me play with him a little, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to tell us where Martmart is.
~ Lady Alice declaring that Emil is Marta's pet.
[Ooh,] So scary! Fine. But all bets are off if I catch the little pet with Martmart. And if you're here that means Martmart is here, too. *Giggles* I'm so lucky.
~ Lady Alice
I've sent Hawkie out to get one, but it seems Zelos won't give him a chance to swipe it. As for little Colettie, she's got some kind of crazy luck. We haven't been able to get the jump on her.
~ Lady Alice
So what are you going to use the Chosen's Cruxis Crystal for? Isn't it just a symbol to prove a Chosen was selected by the Cruxis angels?
~ Lady Alice
Well, that's insulting. Oh, well, I forgive you. You and I are comrades in more ways than one, after all.
~ Lady Alice
Not at all. It's my policy to make use of anything I can. I'd expect you to be the one cursing. Humans, that is, not yourself.
~ Lady Alice insulting Richter.
Temper, temper! Looks like I hit a nerve! *Giggles*
~ Lady Alice to Richter.
Richter, wait!
~ Lady Alice
Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about him.
~ Lady Alice
These ruins will be the final resting place for you and your pet friend, my dear Martmart.
~ Lady Alice
And since Hawkie's away today, it'll be a special treat. I'll handle you myself. Okay it's time to die.
~ Lady Alice is about to fight Emil and Marta.
Oh no! Look what you've done. You broke Hypnos!
~ Lady Alice
No. Stop it! Stop it I say!
~ Lady Alice attempting to command to stop Hypnos.
Who are you?
~ Lady Alice to Zelos Wilder.
Aren't you Tethe'alla's Chosen?!
~ Lady Alice
Well, since you put it that way guess I'll leave this to you.
~ Lady Alice to Zelos.
Ta-ta, Mr. Big Handsome Chosen. I owe you one!
~ Lady Alice
Why, hello there!
~ Lady Alice
Just the people I wanted to see.
~ Lady Alice
And you are?
~ Lady Alice
Well, Martmart, little pet, I'll let you off for today. Come everyone, we're going.
~ Lady Alice
That's fine. We'll go and meet him ourselves.
~ Lady Alice
What the--Why is Dumbo-Decus here? [Uuugh,] Get away from me, you reek!
~ Lady Alice scared of Decus.
Well, well. Guess I'll just have to take care of little Martmart myself. I can't wait to see the look on Richter's face when I tell him.
~ Lady Alice will gladly take of Marta.
Decus, you stink. Stay away from me!
~ Lady Alice
No fair! First you fall right on me, and now you throw up this stupid wall!
~ Lady Alice
Hey, watch it, Dumbo-Decus! What did I say about personal space?
~ Lady Alice
Compliments? I don't see anyone complimenting you.
~ Lady Alice
You idiot, it's not an acronym! I call you Dumbo-Decus because you're D-U-M-B, dumb!
~ Lady Alice
Anyway, Exspheres! The brainwashing machines that keep my little pets so well-behaved need Exspheres to run. Without Exspheres, I can't get more pets! I only want ten more or so.
~ Lady Alice
Why? Have you forgotten how my parents died?
~ Lady Alice
Exactly. And I don't want to end up like them. They were weak, so they believed in a fictional goddess. And because they were powerless, they were killed by monsters. And you, weren't you bullied back at the Hima orphanage because you were


~ Lady Alice telling the story about her childhood.
Don't you mean my slave?
~ Lady Alice being asked by Decus to be her slave.
I hate relying on others. And you're a human. You might start treating me like how all humans treat

half-elves. You could betray me at any time.

~ Lady Alice
I'm the only one I could ever trust.
~ Lady ALice before she runs off.
My, my, if it isn't my slippery little friends from Flanoir.
~ Lady Alice
Why not? I don't care if this city gets blown into tiny little pieces.
~ Lady Alice
I've rigged the little darling with a special collar that self-destructs if he gets defeated. Pretty clever, if I say so myself.
~ Lady Alice
Bye bye, Martmart! I'll be sure to let Commander Brute know that you're dead.
~ Lady Alice taunted Marta before leaving while laughing
Our dear little Martmart is the only daughter of the Vanguard's great Commander Brute.
~ Lady Alice as she is holding Seles hostage.
Don't you dare take another step! I just love breaking the arms of cute little girls like you.
~ Lady Alice
Decus, shut up. Now be good kids and hand over your cores and weapons. Martmart can bring them to us.
~ Lady Alice
Decus! Stop answering their questions!
~ Lady Alice
Now, Martmart. And please be quick about it.
~ Lady Alice
You're not getting away!
~ Lady Alice attempting to chase the fleeing group.
The heroes of world regeneration. This isn't looking very good for me.
~ Lady Alice as she is cornered by Lloyd, Sheena, Seles, Colette and Regal.
Our commander is quite serious, I assure you. He is a descendant of the Sylvarant Dynasty which fell eight hundred years ago.
~ Lady Alice
Martmart, come back to the Vanguard. If you bring back Ratatosk's core, Commander Brute will forgive you.
~ Lady Alice
Nobody likes a strong willed little girl. All right Decus let's go.
~ Lady Alice tauntng Marta and she and Decus are about to leave.
Oh, look at that! It looks like you got some divine punishment of your own!
~ Lady Alice
You talk so much about divine punishment in your rotten sham of a religion, I thought you might like a taste yourself.
~ Lady Alice
What'll the Church of Martel do for me? Will it bring my parents back to life? Will it bring back my mother and father killed by monsters while on a pilgrimage forced by the church?
~ Lady Alice asking the priest the questions she requested.
My, it looks like this kind old lady saved you. Decus, you can stop now.
~ Lady Alice witnessinh that old woman saved the priest and telling Decus to stop kicking the priest.
Leave them for later! Right now we need to find out what just made you flip out.
~ Lady Alice
I'm worried about myself! I don't care about you. Ma'am, if you need a doctor, you can use

me as a reference. Go to Flanoir and give the doctor there my name, Alice of the Vanguard. They should treat your grandson for free.

~ Lady Alice giving an old lady advice about treating her grandson.
What a coincidence! The Goddess Martel must be smiling upon me because I'm so adorable.
~ Lady Alice
Oh wow, so you mean you really did kidnap Commander Brute's one and only daughter?
~ Lady Alice asking Marta that she was Commander Brute's only daughte.r
I really couldn't care less. You're with Lezareno and won't go back to Commander Brute. That's all the justification we need for the Vanguard to crush Altamira.
~ Lady Alice
I'd be more than happy to beat the stuffing out of you, but I have orders from the Commander, so I'll be patient. You have until morning. We've set up operations in the casino. If you return Martmart to us, we'll spare this town. But if you don't come back by tomorrow then we'll just have to kill everyone.
~ Lady Alice revealing her devious plans.
We've already rigged bombs all over the city. And don't even try to get the hostages out. Our people have the city

surrounded. Have fun thinking it over.

~ Lady Alice
So you're the ones who want to join the Vanguard.
~ Lady Alice said that the group wants to join the group.
Bringing Regal straight to me with such a transparent lie? You're more stupid than I thought. Hawkie, arrest them, will you?
~ Lady Alice oredering Hawk to arrest the party.
I'll go fetch Commander Brute. You lock them up in the prison. You're also in charge of the detonator while I'm gone.
~ Lady Alice before leaving Hawk to do his job.
What in the world is going on here?! The entire city has fled, and you're roaming free? How did you even get

here? Commander Brute's going to be mad at me!

~ Lady Alice
I won't let you get away this time!
~ Lady Alice
When you didn't head for the elevator, I thought you might take this route.
~ Lady Alice
I hate to ask you this considering all the times I've tried to kill you. It's Dumbo Decus. I want you to help him. I'll tell you where Commander Brute is if you do.
~ Lady Alice
Commander Brute gave Solum's core to Decus so he could transform into Lloyd, but it's changed his personality.
~ Lady Alice explaining that Commander Brute gave Solum's core to Decus.
Isn't there anything you can do to help him? Decus has completely lost it. We've got him locked up in the room back there. I can't stand seeing him like this.
~ Lady Alice
Commander Brute gave it back to Decus after he fought you. Please, help him!
~ Lady Alice
Martmart, please! If you help Decus, I'll take you right to Commander Brute, I swear!
~ Lady Alice
He hasn't been a very happy boy ever since Commander Brute took Solum's core from him.
~ Lady Alice
No I didn't. Decus really lost it. So sorry. Commander Brute really wanted me to bring Martmart to him, so I had no

choice. Have a fun time with Decus, okay? *Giggles* Toodeloo!

~ Lady Alice saying Decus lost it after her corny lies and before leaving the room and Emil behind with Decus.
Oh my! If it isn't Martmart, screwing things up for everyone as usual!
~ Lady Alice
Is that so? My, my, so the little pet finally learned how to bark. But then, you have power now.
~ Lady Alice
Ratatosk's power. Summon spirits are amazing! They make me all tingly!
~ Lady Alice mentioning Ratatosk's power.
You've done your homework, I'll give you that. But I don't care about what happened during my childhood and avenging my parents is the furthest thing from my mind.
~ Lady Alice
Aren't you the one who's acting tough, Martmart? Of course I hate the Church of Martel and the monsters who killed my

parents. But if you change the world, ultimately, you have to change yourself. If the world wants to give me misfortune, I'll just give misfortune back to the world. That's all.

~ Lady Alice
I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I don't mind hypocrites at all. And hypocrites or not, only those with power have the luxury of being kind to others. But I'm sure you knew that. You and your friends are hypocrites with power, Colettie. I like people who can do things on their own. Don't you, Ms. Can't-do-anything-by-herself?
~ Lady Alice
I will change the world around me. And the only way to change your world is to do it yourself. I don't care about world peace of the fighting between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. I live for myself. Well, ta-ta for now! See you at the Ginnungagap.
~ Lady Alice telling the party to meet her at Ginnungagap.
Who said anything about me being controlled? The Commander and Dumbo-Decus perhaps, but I always knew exactly what I was doing.
~ Lady Alice asked about being controlled.
I was perfectly sane, when I fought you. Because, after all Martmart, I totally despise you.
~ Lady Alice
You're just so annoying. You're powerless, and yet you always have to interfere. (Parroting Marta) "Stop it, daddy!" "Please help me, Ratatosk!" Phooey! You can't solve anything by yourself. You're so pathetic it makes me sick.
~ Lady Alice staing that Marta is futile without solving anything right.
I hate hypocrites like you. I couldn't wait to rub your cute little nose in the sad truth of what you really are. I knew if I stayed close to Richter, you'd come to me eventually.
~ Lady Alice is very jealous of Marta.
I'm going to gain unyielding power! That's what's needed to survive this world. If Richter calls upon demons, I'll use them as well. The world will answer to me and only to me. So, to complete my deal with Richter, I need you to die.
~ Lady Alice
Why is it wrong if the world is turned into the demonic realm? No matter what the world turns into, I will survive and persevere with my own powers.
~ Lady Alice
Hah! As if you would know what having power entails! You're nothing but a powerless spoiled brat!
~ Lady Alice to Marta.
Don't be ridiculous! I'm not gonna lose to anyone! Not to you, OR to demons! I will best anyone that mistreats us with my OWN powers!
~ Lady Alice
I never thought that... that you'd actually do it. Agh... Who would have known that you'd be the one to

kill me.

~ Lady Alice after being defeated by Marta's buzzsaw spinning.
Decus, [agh...] don't worry. I'll be with you again soon. Soon, we'll be together.
~ Lady Alice's last words.


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