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Lady Chaos is a major antagonist in the Silver Surfer cartoon series. She is a mysterious goddess whom Thanos is in love with and serves obediently. She is loosely based on Lady Death from the original comics (as censorship issues would not allow the latter to be named "Death", resulting in the creation of Lady Chaos in her place).

Although considered an aspect of Death she is officially known as  a Goddess of Destruction, which is a different role from that of a traditional death-god, thus she can be considered a more militant force of Death or a separate entity.


At an unknown point, Thanos had fallen in love with Lady Chaos, however, she was trapped in the form of a statue. As such, Thanos became obsessed with finding a way to return Lady Chaos to her natural form.

In his initial pursuit, Thanos learned of the knowledge and secrets possessed by Galactus through Ego the Living Planet, and believed that he could discover a way to return Lady Chaos to normal by accessing this knowledge. To do so, he invaded the mind of Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer, and searched for Galactus' secrets. Silver Surfer had his memories restored in the process, although Thanos succeeded in his goal as well, having learnt that, for Lady Chaos to return, the universe needs to be in total chaos.

Powers / Abilities

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  • Her name could be a mix of her feminine traits in the comics ("Lady Death" or "Mistress Death") as well as the destructive qualities of Oblivion : it is also (out of universe) used to avoid the term "Death" in what was considered a "kid's show" at the time.
  • Her fiery visage is quite similar to Dormammu but has a more spectral feel, fitting as an alter-ego of Death itself.


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