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Lady Everfair, also known as Nightmare Queen, is the main antagonist of Sorcery. She is the fallen mother of elf princess Erline who seek to consume the world into the darkness and force her daughter to rule alongside him.



In a bid of taking over Land Above (the realm where humans reside), Lady Everfair made a pact with Nightmare for power to destroy her enemies, offering her body and soul as the price. With the dark entity possessed her, she turned into Nightmare Queen who then spread corruption all over Faerie Kingdom. To maintain her rule and power over the wasteland her home had become, she dismantled Seven Wanderers, seven stars of power and her realm's embodiment of Order (since the stars' magic helped faeries channeling their magic as well as determining their forms and maintaining balance among other things), putting her own husband into eternal sleep when he tried to stop her and intended to corrupt her own daughter Erline into her unwilling thrall and second-in-command.

Leading an army of hunched green creatures called Bogeys, Nightmare Queen waged war against sorcerers who protect both Land Above and the escaped Erline led by Dash. Dash and his followers managed to drive her army away in an epic battle, but the fallen elf queen was far from defeated. To make sure she stayed hidden from her corrupted mother's reach and thus better protected her until the threat was over, Dash transmogrified Erline into a white cat with long, distinct fox-like tailtail at the princess' volition.

Sacking of Ordale

Sending an Elf Assassin

Corrupting Primus


Powers and Abilities

After making a pact with Nightmare, she becomes an immensely powerful being with following abilities:

  • Corrupted Darkness Manipulation:
  • Dark Division: Nightmare Queen can painfully split a living being into multiple entities on easeease, turning him/her into shadow stalkers.
  • Corruption Inducement;
  • Chaos Empowerment: The full extent of Nightmare Queen's dark powers is relatively to the chaos she caused and weakens in the presence of "order" magic such as Seven Wanderers, the seven stars of power.

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