Lady Felmet is the main antagonist of Wyrd Sisters, the 6th book of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. She is the cruel and power hungry duchess of Lancre and the wife of the pathetic and mentally unstable duke Leonal Felmet.


Duke Felmet had married her as he was fascinated with power, and felt that Lady Felmet embodied it. She was certainly a large and forceful woman, very skilled at getting her own way. Clad in red, she often reminded people who met her of a galleon under full sail.

She manipulated her husband into Killing King Verence and take the throne of Lancre.

Ruling the kingdom with the duke, she encouraged him to take action against the peasants and the witches, and later used the jester to mount a propaganda campaign against the local witches. She is shown to have a forceful, domineering and sadistic nature. She, much like Lacrimosa De Magpyr, is shown to be inventive and skilled when it comes to torture. Finally removed from power by the death of her husband and the unveiling of the jester's true identity as the son of King Verence, Lady Felmet was knocked out by Nanny Ogg before being imprisoned in the castle.

Escaping from the castle the duchess vowed to return to retake the kingdom, this time unburdened by a husband. But the kingdom had other plans, and she found herself lost in the forest, on paths that led in circles. Confronted by the kingdom, personified by the 'forest animals' (Rabbits, foxes, squirrels, deer, wolves etc) she charged them with a knife. The front rank parted to let her through, and then closed on her, even the rabbits and she was never seen again.


  • Felmet is based on Lady Macbeth, but unlike Macbeth, She Is more evil and without remorse.