Lady Flash 001

Christina Alexandrova has always been a joiner, starting with Blue Trinity, a failed Soviet attempt to create a team of speedsters. Their failure lead to the creation of Red Trinity, eventual allies of The Flash. After Blue Trinity's final defeat at the hands of the Flash, she became Vandal Savage's slave, kept under his control by an addiction to cocaine. It was he who gave her one of Wally West's spare Flash uniforms to use in her latest identity of Lady Flash. She finally broke free of both the addiction and Savage's control and sided with the Flash to defeat the immortal.

Dead Heat

Rejected by the Flash, however, she wandered aimlessly until she fell under the influence of Savitar, the corrupt master of speed. As Lady Savitar she assisted him in his battle against the Speedsters during the Dead Heat story arc.

She opposed Wonder Woman and Jesse Quick when she attempted to obtain a scroll that might have helped her free Savitar after his defeat. For a time she was believed to be lost in the Speed Force, but she had in fact survived. She also worked with Kobra only to be defeated once again, this time by a right cross from Flash's wife, Linda Park.

Salvation Run

Christina was one of the many villains to be captured and stranded on the Prison Planet. She quickly reunited with Vandal Savage and joined a small group of women to a "safe zone." Savage tells each of them that he will make them his queen when they begin a new civilization on the planet. Just as the truth comes out and tension begins to mount, Lex Luthor finds them and informs Savage of his plans to get them all home. She escapes back to Earth with many of the surviving villains.


She is seen attempting to extract Savitar from the Speed Force through a ceremonial ritual and soon he actually escapes, jumping out of Barry's chest. After a brief chase, Barry accidentally disintegrates him when trying to apprehend him. Later, Barry and Wally are in Farmville, Iowa investigating the remains of the Black Flash when they are attacked by Lady Savitar. She injures Wally, but is also disintegrated when Barry touches her. Barry's costume changes to the Black Flash's once She dies and it is revealed that he is the new Black Flash.


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