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Lady Gaga portrays a fictional version of herself in the music videos Paparazzi and Telephone, which are both parts of the same story in which she is a serial killer. In the former, she murders her boyfriend by giving him a drink which was poisoned with deadly powder from inside her ring, seemingly as "revenge" for him causing her to fall off a balcony earlier while trying to forcibly let the paparazzi get pictures of them, which caused her career to be ruined. The murder revives her popularity, and newspapers claim her innocence. It is strongly implied that she also killed several other women, mainly house servants, presumably to cover up her main crime, destroying her innocence in doing so.

In the second video, Lady Gaga is in prison after her murder is discovered, but she is bailed out by Beyonce. The two drive to a busy restaurant in the middle of the desert, where Gaga kills Beyonce’s abusive boyfriend by poisoning not only his food, but everyone else’s too, killing everyone in the diner. The mass homicide is reported on the news, and the special forces are called into the scene of the crime, but Lady Gaga and Beyonce have already begun to getaway. The end of the video shows a "To be continued..." It is possible that Gaga’s song “Aura” from her album ARTPOP is about the character.

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