Lady Jaguara is a villain of Wolf's Rain, leader of the mysterious Black City and one of the three feuding Noble Families.

She was voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Japanese version and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the English version.


She once had Hige brainwashed to be her lap dog and the alpha of the group of wolves used for her campaign to eliminate the remaining wolves. She saw wolves as a threat to her plans to open the Nobles "Paradise".

Jaguara fell in love with Darcia to the point of obsession but was rejected by him for her younger sister, something which she never forgave Harmona for. She began to set up an ancient spell used by Lord Darcia the First to create a 'Noble's Paradise' to please and lure Darcia to her, abducting Cheza from Darcia's Keep. In the process, she ordered the murder of Harmona and soon struck out to eliminate the wolves, who were heading to her domain. But her plan ended in failure when her plans were thwarted by the wolves. She was slain by Darcia while her city fell into chaos.


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