Lady Kaltag, feline lady of Green Isle, was Riggu Felis ' unfortunate wife. Unlike many of the vermin families in the series, she was attached to her sons, Pitru , and, in particular, Jeefra, and opposed powerfully to Riggu's decision to make them rank-and-file cats. She disapproved of Riggu Felis's teaching Pitru and Jeefra to take what they wanted by force. Upon Jeefra's death, her already fragile mind was pushed over the edge. She blamed many creatures of Jeefra's killing, including her husband for sending her sons to the barracks and the outlaw otter Leatho Shellhound. Ironically, her closest ally from then on was Jeefra's true killer, Pitru.

When Leatho Shellhound was captured, Kaltag made several vain attempts to kill him outright, such as throwing a spear at him, but was restrained on Riggu Felis' orders. When Riggu and his soldiers were distracted in battle, however, Kaltag found Leatho trapped in a room in the fortress tower. Mad with hatred, she burned the room down. Although her death was not mentioned outright, it is assumed that she was killed by the fire.

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