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Lady Lisa is a minor antagonist turned anti-heroine of 2015 comedy film Pixels.

She is portrayed by Ashley Benson, who also portrayed Brit in Spring Breakers.




Lady Lisa is the main protagonist of the fictional videogame Dojo Quest. Ludlow Lamonsoff has been infatuated with her since childhood, to the point of constantly wanting her to be real. 

During the aliens' attack on Washington, D.C., one of the aliens manifests as Lady Lisa. She confronts Ludlow, who is delighted and stunned to see her. After a brief duel, Ludlow convinces Lady Lisa to find the good in her heart and choose love, causing her to ally with him. 

Lady Lisa assists the heroes in defeating the aliens, but upon the alien leader's defeat, she disappears. However, Q*Bert assumes Lady Lisa's form to cheer a depressed Ludlow up, and the two marry and have Q*Bert children.



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