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The marriages were for the money, of course. But the horror... The horror was for love. The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and... twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love, and it makes monsters of us all.
~ Lucille Sharp.
I won't stop... until you kill me... or I kill you!
~ Lucille's last words before she dies.

Lucille Sharpe is the main antagonist of the 2015 film Crimson Peak. She owns the mansion, Allerdale Hall, along with her brother, Thomas Sharpe.

She was portrayed by Jessica Chastain, who later played Vuk/Smith in the X-Men film Dark Phoenix.



Lucille and her younger brother Thomas grew up together and developed a close bond during their childhood. They were abused by their mother Lady Beatrice after she locked them in the attic and became emotionally weak due to the fact that her husband left her for another woman.

Eventually, their relationship grew into an incestuous love affair which led to Lucille killing their mother after she discovered her children's incest, and together they began plotting by killing Thomas's brides for inheritance and fortune.


Lucille is responsible for the death of Carter Cushing, an industrialist whose daughter Edith, a writer, began to see the ghosts after the death of her mother and grieving of her father's mysterious death by seeking solace with Thomas who falls in love with her by asking her to marry him. But her father became suspicious about Thomas' background and sent a private eye to investigate Thomas' alibi.

Lucille begins to grow jealous of Thomas's new found happiness with his newly married wife Edith. As a result, she began to treat her sister-in-law coldly. One night Edith is visited by her mother's ghost and warned her about Crimson Peak, becoming traumatized and weaker in the process.  

She tells her husband Thomas that she wishes to leave the house but Lucille pressured her to stay. It was not long until Edith finds the decaying corpses of Thomas's brides and she realized that she will be Lucille and Thomas' next victim. One night, Edith hears noises in the manor and catches Lucille and Thomas in the middle of a passionate embrace, where its revealed that the siblings have had a long-term incestuous relationship since childhood which resulted in a sickly infant son who was murdered by Lucille who desired to keep the child but ended its life due to pressure from her mother. 

Distraught, Edith leaves and Lucille follows after her, confessing of her close relationship with Thomas and then attempts to push Edith over the edge of the manor railing. Edith claims that Lucille is the other woman and not Thomas' sister as was interpreted but Lucille smiles evilly admitting she's his lover and biological sister then violently takes the Sharpe family ring off of Edith's finger and pushes her over the railing.

However, Edith's childhood friend, Dr. Alan McMichael arrived and attempted to rescue her, only to be stabbed by Lucille. Eventually, Thomas betrayed his sister by burning the wedding vows. Thomas tried to reason with her, vowing that they will leave together and they will all be together but Lucille realizes that he meant that she and him will live together as only siblings and he will be with Edith, she is distraught, reminding him of his promise to her that he would not to fall in love with someone else, only for Thomas to apologize to her and admit thought he wasn't planning on it, he has fallen in love with someone else.

After learning that Thomas had fallen in love with Edith, she has a breakdown and kills him. Distraught, she attempted to kill Edith next. However, she was disarmed by the appearance of Thomas's ghost, giving Edith the chance to kill her and break her head and neck with a shovel. But her black and decayed ghost remained in Crimson Peak, forever alone just as she lived in life.  


Funny. That's the last thing Mother said, too.
~ Lady Lucille's reaction when Edith calls her and Thomas "monsters"
No, it's not sad, Edith. It's nature. It's a world of everything dying and eating each other right beneath our feet.
~ Lady Lucille to Edith who discovers some butterflies are dying
So it's all out in the open. No more secrets!
~ Lucille taunting Edith after she's caught seducing her brother Thomas in their childhood room
This is who I am! This is who he is!
~ Lucille defending her long-term incestuous relationship with her brother Thomas regarding it being forbidden
How sweet...
~ Lucille to Edith as she takes the prized Sharpe family ring off Edith's finger and keeps it for herself
~ Lucille to Edith admitting she's both Thomas' sister and lover before shoving Edith over the railing to kill her
Here, doggy doggy! Come here, you little shit!
~ Lucille to Edith's pet dog before she violently snaps its neck
She knows everything. She stopped drinking her tea, but I poisoned the porridge.
~ Lady Lucille's concern to Edith's growing knowledge about her being poisoned by Lucille


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