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This superpowered society is a gilded daydream seen through rose-colored glasses. But it's paper-thin. A fragile illusion. Say you bring back the status quo. Then what? History will just repeat itself. The public gets to stargaze at the bright and shiny side... while the dark truth gnaws away at someone else. At least a future ruled by All For One... will be a helluva lot more transparent.
~ Lady Nagant revealing to Izuku Midoriya just how corrupt their society is.

Kaina Tsutsumi, better known as Lady Nagant, is a minor antagonist in the anime/manga series, My Hero Academia. She is a former Pro Hero that seeks to bring the fall of the Pro-Hero society. As a result of killing the Hero Public Safety Commission's chairman, she was imprisoned in Tartarus. Her arrest was covered up, saying that she killed a fellow hero. Lady Nagant was later freed by All For One, who then hired her as a mercenary to retrieve the current wielder of One For All, Izuku Midoriya.


Lady Nagant is a tall woman in her late thirties with purple eyes and short, two-tone hair which is blue with pink highlights. Her costume consists of a sleeveless dress, zipped boots and a utility belt that has canisters attached to it, which contain her bullets.

During her career as a Pro-Hero, she had much longer hair which she would tie up in a ponytail whenever she was active on her missions. Her costume was also different. Instead of a dress, she wore what appeared to be an armed suit with various padding on her chest and knees to keep her suit armed and protected.

She is remarked to be quite beautiful, as noted by All For One.


Lady Nagant was once an optimistic hero back when she joined the Hero Public Safety Commission, where she had to work as an assassin to kill outlaws. Over the course however, she slowly grew disillusioned with her job and society, as she had to kill to preserve order while being forced to hide it to keep the reputation of society intact, to the point where she began to hallucinate her hand covered in blood. She reached the conclusion that the HPSC were hypocritical and gave a false sincerity of preserving a heroic society, while knowing the truth behind their actions. In the end, she is one of the many villains that despises the current society of Pro-Heroes, with her main objective being to see the downfall of said society.

She doesn't show much interest in working alongside with All For One, but because the two seek a common goal, she chooses to follow him in the hopes that he can make things more transparent. She seems to be heavily determined and focused on accomplishing whatever tasks she is given. She is also observant when in combat as she noted Izuku's resilience, understanding why All For One wanted him to be captured.

Despite working with All For One, she doesn't appear to be truly evil and is doing what she believes is right and necessary. Izuku later notices this in his battle with her when she did not take the chance of incapacitating him and curve her bullet away when she fired at Chisaki, making it clear she had no intention of killing him.



Lady Nagant during her days as a Pro Hero.

Lady Nagant was once a Pro Hero affiliated with the Hero Public Safety Commission, who Hawks considered her to be his senior colleague. Her reputation led to her being envied by those with long-ranged Quirks for her expertise in her Rifle Quirk. During her time with the HPSC, she was employed to dispose of individuals that were affiliated with terrorists, as well as those plotting terrorist attacks. This was to ensure society was kept balanced.

However, it reached to the point where all the countless assassinations made her hallucinate and add stress to her mind. When two kids approached to her one day for a handshake, all she could see was nothing but blood covered on her hand, causing her to be startled. She eventually began to question her purpose and saw how the hero society that the HPSC wants to maintain is merely a fake illusion.

One day, Nagant met with the Public Safety Chairman, who requested for her to dispose of two heroes who have been provoking civilians into committing crimes, only to collect the rewards off of them. This only made her ask if killing those heroes would really help improve society, especially when lying to the public about it. The Chairman told her this is done to preserve the hope and faith that the heroes have built to the public crowd. He then threatened her that this isn't a job she can simply just walk away, but before he could take action, Nagant killed him. She was later imprisoned in Tartarus as a result and the Chairman's death was covered up as a fellow hero that Nagant killed.

Current Arc

After the Paranormal Liberation War, Tomura Shigaraki (under the possession of All For One) and his army of Nomus went to the prison, where they freed various dangerous supervillains, including Lady Nagant. She opened the door of Overhaul's cell to free him, considering him useful later.

Lady Nagant came up to All For One, who was impressed with her skills. He told her about a boy that was leaving U.A. High, who would start acting on his own and many high-profile heroes would accompany were helping him. He requests for her capture him alive, in which she initially refused, as she only cared about escaping from her imprisonment, but All For One then warned her that, so long as that boy lives, her dream of the fall of hero society would never come. He then notices that she was accompanied by Overhaul and asks if he was a friend of hers, in which she replies that he was a broken man whom she might need later on. All For One told her that he was another victim of the "evil Pro-Hero society", and wanted to help her destroy heroism for good. He made a deal to give her his Air Walk Quirk, and she accepted.

Around this time, Lady Nagant gathered her clothing and equipment with Overhaul accompanying her. When Overhaul told her that he knew who All For One was talking about, Nagant was surprised at how fateful their encounter was. She asked if he could tag along and identify their target, in which Overhaul was willing to on one condition; that she would take him to see his boss, something that she had no issue complying with.

Lady Nagant targets Izuku Midoriya.

When the five Pro Heroes approached via car, Lady Nagant shot at the car that Izuku and All Might were in, causing them to react in horror. Izuku got out of the car to investigate the threat, only for a bullet to pass near him. He noticed Lady Nagant standing on the building above him, who threatened him to surrender or lose his limbs. One of her bullets manages to break Izuku's communicator so he can't communicate with the other heroes, but is unable to handle his speed. She tried shooting him with curving bullets and manages to hit him, but his Danger Sense Quirk warned him in time before the wounds could become lethal.

Izuku was able to locate Lady Nagant's location and decided that instead of avoiding the bullets, he would rush towards her head-on. Lady Nagant quipped that Izuku was the first to deflect her bullets, before noticing Overhaul mumbling to himself, wanting to go back to his boss. Annoyed at him, she told him he could see the boss after they were done but to hide for now as Izuku was coming, and began considering if she should have left him behind.

As the fight continued, Lady Nagant's shots became more accurate due to her using Air Walk to get a clearer angle. With another shot, she appeared to succeed in hitting Izuku, but it turned out to be a decoy formed by his newest Quirk, Fa Jin, the Quirk of the third user of One For All. She taunted Izuku that he can no longer hide in the smoke, but he tackled her, telling her that he wasn't in the smoke. He asked her to tell him about All For One and why she became a villain.

She told him about when she was a hero working for the HPSC and that she was assigned to assassinate outlaws. The task stressed her out over time, leading her to question hero society and if she really was doing the right thing. She also reveals that she had murdered the chairman of HPSC, which shocked Izuku. Izuku acknowledges that he may have been ignorant, but everything isn't black and white, only shades of gray, which is why he must hold a helping hand to those that need it most. Nagant scoffs about his hero education, before threatening to shoot Overhaul, surprising Izuku by the sight of his old enemy.

Overhaul begged in anguish, yelling that he held his end of the deal so he should be taken to his boss. Nagant comments on Izuku's hero education, saying that no matter who the victim is, causing a death through his own mistake will haunt him. She took her shot, but Izuku used his new Faux 100% ability (a combination of Fa Jin and 45% of One For All) to push Overhaul out of the way (telling him they'll talk later) and breaking Nagant's rifle arm. To her surprise, he held out his hand to save her too. She thought about how Izuku saved even his worst enemies like it was natural for him, in contrast to the HPSC's promises for her which turned out to be hollow. Izuku told her that her aim was slightly off when she shot at Overhaul, and gave him the opportunity to surrender when she could've attacked him on the spot. He recognized the good left in her and encouraged her to be a hero again. She smiled at Izuku, believing him to be a true hero, but All For One knew she would reform in advance so he added a failure clause to her contract. All For One triggered an explosion in Lady Nagant's body, all while he mocked her and boasted that she was nothing more than a tool for him because of her useful Quirk. Hawks arrived on the scene, flying up to catch his old comrade.

As Lady Nagant regained consciousness, she wondered how Hawks still had heroism in his eyes even though the nature of his work was immoral like hers. She confessed to Hawks that she was tasked to bring Izuku to a mansion in Haibori Woods, and that All For One recruited many more villains to help him. She asked Hawks how he still held on to hope even though she fell to despair, and he replied that he's optimistic to a fault. Overhaul lamented Nagant's failure as she was his only hope of apologizing to his boss, but he reluctantly made a deal with Izuku that if he would make amends with Eri for the atrocities he'd done to her, Izuku would heal his boss in Lady Nagant's place. Afterwards, both villains were sent to custody, with Nagant being sent to the hospital.

Powers and Abilities

Lady Nagant is an infamous marksman, both among Pro-Heroes and villains alike. She used to have a famous reputation for being Japan's No. 1 long-ranged sniper, surpassing the likes of Snipe and many with long-ranged Quirks envied her talent. In addition to this, her range is said to be able to reach up to 3km, which speaks high volume of her talent in marksmanship.


  • Rifle: Lady Nagant can shape her hair into a substance reminiscent of epoxy putty, which she can shape into different kinds of bullets. She can also shape her right arm into a sniper rifle at will so she can fire them from her own body. The bullets she makes appear to curve when she shoots them rather than just travelling in a straight line, as a means for her to land hits on her target.
  • Air Walk: A Quirk that she received from All For One, Lady Nagant appears to possess the ability of levitation with this Quirk, allowing her to walk in the air.


  • Lady Nagant's villain name comes from the Mosin-Nagant rifle, a gun used by the Russians during the Russo-Japanese war.


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