Behold the new beginning. Behold the alpha woman. I am the Lady Styx. And I am God!!
~ Lady Styx (New Earth)

Lady Styx is a supervillain in the DC Comics Universe and an enemy of Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man.


Lady Styx's origins on the the trio of space heroes decide to make a stand against her. They are begrudgingly aided by the former intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo, who takes them to the Lady on the pretense of collecting on their bounty. The resulting battle leads to the apparent death of Animal Man via a necrotoxin (though he was later resurrected by the very aliens who originally gave him his powers). Lady Styx is apparently killed in Week 36 of 52, absorbed by a Sun-Eater while battling the Green Lantern Ekron (a.k.a. the "Emerald Head"). Some time later, she's able to grow new flesh for herself from a pregnant captive. Once again, she is stopped in her plan by the Omega Men and finally killed by a resurrected and empowered Felicity (wife of the Omega Men's commander-in-chief Tigorr), now re-christened Nimbus. However, Lady Styx was apparently able to hold her consciousness together in Felicity's subconscious. There, the Lady waits to strike again.

In Countdown to Adventure, it appears that the Lady has been able to infect both the planets Earth and Rann. On Earth, there have been random outbursts of people acting homicidal and psychopathic, and on Rann the public has become supportive of their new hero, an Earthman named Champ Hazard, and his destructive and violent ways.


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