Not to be confused with Lady-X, one of the antagonists of Gotham Girls.

You'll never get me. I still have my elixir. I'll be back! But enough about me, let's kill you!
~ Lady X to Dex Dogtective

Priscilla Pusly, better known as Lady X, is the main antagonist of the 2012 animated film Foodfight.

She is a washed up mascot who tries to take over the world along side Brand X and make herself look attractive out of frustration over her own lack of success.

In her normal form, she was voiced by Eva Longoria. When piloting Mr. Clipboard, she was voiced by Christopher Lloyd.


Originally, Lady X was named Priscilla, an ugly and unsuccessful icon (or Ike) for a prune brand. Tired of her failing brand, she kidnapped raisin Ike Sunshine Goodness and used her essence to create a new brand entitled Brand X. Some time around then, she managed to make herself look young and attractive.

Six months after Sunshine's disappearance, Lady X disguised herself as Mr. Clipboard, a mentally disabled man, and she went to the store owner so that she could persuade him into selling detergent and other items from the Brand X company. When she arrives to Marketropolis, the fictional town in which the story takes place in, she attempts to seduce Dex Dogtective, a private investigator and the main protagonist of the film, to bring him towards the side of Brand X (while also covering her identity as the one killing off Ikes to ensure Brand X's success).

At the end of the film, she uses Mr. Clipboard to attack the Ikes resisting Brand X's takeover, but the Ikes use a rope to cause him to trip, exposing him as a robot. Lady X attempts to kill Dex and engages Sunshine Goodness in mortal combat, where she is defeated and reverts to her original ugly form. Priscilla then whined saying that she wanted to be with Dex, though she also truthfully admitted that she wanted world domination more. She is then taken to the expiration site, possibly to be executed.


What can I say? Chicks dig chocolate.
~ Lady X
I wanna scrub your bubbles, Dex.
~ Lady X to Dex while dancing.
Didn't you recognize me Dogtective, Sunshine's old neighbor!
~ Lady X revealing her true identity.
Quick trip to Brazil for a little plastic surgery and then back for my revenge!
~ Lady X



  • She is similar to Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph, all three go in disguise throughout the film wanting revenge from way before the beginning of the film, then in the end, they're revealed by form that they're actually certain characters from the past and go take revenge and having that character be the true antagonist and the ones like Doom, Candy and X just be alter-egos.
    • For Doom, he's really a toon bank robber who killed Eddie Valiant's brother by dropping a piano on him.
    • For Candy, he's really a race car video game character named Turbo from Turbo who wanted revenge on another race car video game for taking away his glory. And did the same thing for Sugar Rush.
    • And as for X, she's really an ugly old lady Ike for genetically enhanced prunes who wanted revenge on Sunshine Goodness being sold the most and the prunes not sold at all.
  • There's also a bigger similarity between Judge Doom and Lady X, for the robot supposed CEO of Brand X that Lady X was controlling was voiced by Christopher Lloyd who also played Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Her role has been criticized for being sexual and inappropriate in a kid's film. Furthermore, many viewers also criticized her and Brand X in general for their Nazi undertones. A great example would be how the jets Lady X sent after Dex in the climax had Nazi symbolism on them. Even one of her commanders, General X, said he was just following orders before Dex executed him off.
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