Laila Serrano

Laila Serrano is a villainess from "The Diamond in the Rough" episode 8.10 of Bones.

She was played by Sarah Scott.


Laila Serrano is a dancer and an auditioning contestant for the program, Dance to the Top; the same show that featured fellow contestant Katarina Wirz, whose corpse was found (covered in diamonds) underwater during a ghost-hunting reality show. Laila (along with her domineering mother, Maureen) was auditioning at the show when she was encountered by Brennan, who went undercover with Booth as auditioning dancers. She considered Katarina a friend of hers, but as revealed later on, Laila was plotting against Katarina so she could win.

Laila had wanted to win on the show to get her mother off her back, and knowing what an immense threat that Katarina was, the evil Laila poisoned Katarina, using her mother's lead-based dye (which Maureen used to prepare the dance costumes). After Laila's performance, Brennan and Booth confronted the villainess backstage, where she confessed to poisoning Katarina, planning to make her sick so she couldn't perform. However, it wasn't Laila's poisoning that killed Katarina; her boyfriend, Tommy, actually killed Katarina when she broke her neck. Laila had vented about wanting to win to get away from her mother, which served as her boyfriend's motive. Both Laila and Tommy were arrested for their roles in Katarina's murder.