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Lalaco Godspeed is a minor antagonist in Space Patrol Luluco. She is the mother of Luluco and former wife of Keiji, as well as the captain of a league of villainous space pirates.

She is voiced in Japanese by Yōko Honna and in English by Monica Rial.


Lalaco Godspeed is identifiable by her wild personality and places much importance on personal freedom; she does not like being confined by rules. On a first glance, this nature of hers caused Lalaco indifferent to anyone's well-being even towards her own family, which best shown during her brutal reunion with her daughter who has joined Space Patrols, leading to an inevitable (albeit one-sided) clash between the mother and daughter. Even so, she admires her daughter for her newfound strength and briefly sets aside her conflict with the Space Patrol to assist her in her efforts to confess to Nova.

Powers and Abilities

  • Leadership: Lalaco demonstrates decent leadership skills as the captain of her space pirate group.
  • God Pirate Gun Morphing: Lalaco demonstrated her own version of the art of gun-morphing, where she transforms into a large red gun/cannon with magazine and horned skull-like casing with her head and overcoat on top of it. Her gun/cannon form is quite durable, as it withstands the shot of Over Justice' Over Judgement Gun Morphing (flintlock mode).
  • Attack Deflection: As shown in episode 5, Lalaco can deflect enemy projectiles back to their senders with her bare fists alone.


  • Lalaco was supposed to be the series's main antagonist, but due to production constraints going from four 13 episode seasons to a single season, her role changed. Explained by Trigger at AX 2016.
  • The pattern on Lalaco's cape is similar to the one on Mako Mankanshoku's two-star uniform from Kill la Kill, another anime series produced by Studio Trigger.


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