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You wanna be a friend of the cartel? Time to get yourself a new motto: "Just Make Money."
~ Lalo Salamanca

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca is a major antagonist in Better Call Saul, serving as the final antagonist of Season 4 and the main antagonist of Season 5. He is also a mentioned character in Breaking Bad. He is the nephew of Hector Salamanca and the cousin of Tuco, Marco, Leonel, and Joaquin Salamanca, as well as a member of the cartel.

He is portrayed by Tony Dalton, who also portrayed Gastón Diestro in Rebelde.


Early life

Little is known about Lalo's early life. He was born in Mexico and was raised by his uncle, Hector Salamanca. Years later, he becomes an enforcer of the Juárez Cartel just like his cousins. At some point, Lalo assisted Hector in torturing a hotel proprietor for disrespecting Hector and him and burned down the hotel and the proprietor to death. Lalo keeps the desk bell as a souvenir.

Season 4

Lalo is first seen after Hector has a stroke after Nacho Varga switches his pills. Lalo gives hector his iconic bell, he later takes over the cartel after his stroke and attempts to take down Gus Fring's empire and after Gus attempts to assassinate him, he tries to get revenge on him and Nacho.

Lalo makes an agreement with Gus, claiming he thinks Don Eladio enjoys the bad blood between Gus and the Salamancas. He later begins spying on Gus's operation and eventually starts following Mike Ehrmantraut. he later goes to a TravelWire where he asks a worker named Fred, questions after Fred threatens to call the police Lalo climbs into the roof and drops down to kill him.

Season 5

In the premiere, Lalo is seen at El Michoacano trying to figure out who Werner Ziegler and "Michael" are and what they have to do with Gus' construction project. He also learns about a rumor that a gang has been "stepping on" his family's drug business. He investigates Nacho and drives to one of his families' hideout. He also inspects that some of the cocaine from Gus' chicken farm are not all cartel products.

He drives to the chicken farm to have a meeting with Gus and Juan Bolsa over the altered cocaine. Gus falsely admits that he secretly replaced some of the cartel's cocaine with methamphetamine after Werner stole the product. Lalo demanded to know what "construction project" Werner was working on, to which Gus shows him and Bolsa a structure being built by Werner and his men and meets the crew's supervisor, Mike.

Later, Bolsa goes and confronts Lalo about spying on Gus and his operation and killing Fred the TravelWire employee. Lalo replies that he is looking after his uncle Hector, who also believes that Gus is holding a grudge against the cartel after Hector killed Gus' "boyfriend", Max Arciniega.


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