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Get up. I'll allow you to die like a warrior.
~ Lan Di, before delivering the killing blow on Iwao Hazuki
Shenhua Ling: Ryo, can I ask you something?
Ryo Hazuki: What is it?
Shenhua Ling: It's about that Phoenix Mirror. On a diaphragm in my father's room, there was a mirror with a dragon as well.
Ryo Hazuki: Yeah. My father had another mirror with a dragon on it.
Shenhua Ling: What happened to the mirror with the dragon?
Ryo Hazuki: It was stolen by the man who killed my father, Lan Di.
~ Ryo Hazuki to Shenhua Ling about his father's death and the Dragon Mirror's disappearance

Lan Di (蓝帝, Pinyin: Lándì, On'yomi: Rantei) is the main antagonist of the Shenmue franchise and one of the primary leaders of the Chi You Men, a Chinese Cartel and he is also a Chinese dictatorship. He also will appear as the main antagonist of the franchise's anime, Shenmue the Animation. He is a master of the Tiger Swallow Style and is ruthless in combat. His real name is Longsun Zhao (趙龍孫, Pinyin: Zhào Lóngsūn, On'yomi: Chō Ryūson), and his father was Sunming Zhao whom Yuanda Zhu believes was killed by the protagonist Ryo Hazuki's father Iwao Hazuki. On November 29th, 1986 (Ryo's birthday) Lan Di murdered Iwao possibly as an act of revenge for his father's murder and stole the dragon mirror from him.

In the games, he is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese (who also voices the original uncensored version of one of the main antagonists in Shenmue II, Yuan), Paul Lucas in the English version of Shenmue and Shenmue II (who also voices Chai in Shenmue and Sam in Shenmue II) and Kyle McCarley in the English version of Shenmue III. In Shenmue the Animation, Takahiro Sakurai will reprise his role as Lan Di in Japanese and he will be voiced by Scott Gibbs in English.



Lan Di was first seen in the opening scene of Shenmue. The protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, finds him in confrontation with his father, Iwao Hazuki. While Ryo is subdued by his henchman, Lan Di demands the Dragon Mirror from Iwao to which he refuses and the two engage in battle. Lan Di knocks Iwao to the ground which prompts Ryo to attempt an attack. He is overcome with a single blow by Lan Di who uses him to force Iwao to reveal the location of the mirror. As he is about to finish off Ryo, Iwao submits and confesses the location. As his henchman leave to get the mirror, Lan Di asks if Iwao remembers Sunming Zhao who Iwao apparently murdered in China long ago. From this Iwao finally recognised Lan Di and the two once again fight. Iwao's attacks were easily dodged by Lan Di who easily defeated him with a Tiger Swallow Style blow. Lan Di prompts Iwao to get up once again so that he may "die like a warrior".  Lan Di inflicts a final blow on Iwao, killing him. The henchmen return with the mirror and they leave the Hazukis.

After this, Lan Di immediately sought to leave the town in his black car and accidentally killed a cat on the way. He also got into a confrontation with Tom Johnson, the owner of the hot dog stand after almost running over one of his customers. However Lan Di quickly diffused the issue by giving Tom an intimidating stare. Lan Di remained in Japan for unspecified reasons and then left to Hong Kong via the New Yokosuka harbour.

Shenmue II

Lan Di's activities in Hong Kong are not known but he is eventually seen in Kowloon as he arrives to the Yellow Head Building's roof to kidnap Yuanda Zhu. However Zhu is rescued by Ryo who defeats Don Niu and Lan Di escapes empty handed.

During the conversation with Yuanda Zhu, Ryo learns that Lan Di is really Longsun Zhao, the son of Sunming Zhao who Iwao Hazuki murdered. This reveals Lan Di's motivations for killing Iwao. Although Zhu believes it happened, and it could not be true. Zhu also reveals that Lan Di is travelling to Bailu village where the two mirrors were created. Ryo follows him to the area to continue is quest.



  • In the first Shenmue, if the player does not complete the game by April 15th, they will get the bad ending. In this ending, Lan Di heads back to the Hazuki Dojo, and demands Ryo hand over the Phoenix Mirror since he just learned that he had it. Ryo refuses and tries to avenge his father's murder, but gets killed by Lan Di using the same move he used to kill his father. This ending is not considered canon.
  • Lan Di's zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Lan Di has a A blood type.
  • Lan Di's height is one-hundred and eighty-five centimeters (6'1") and his weight is eighty-five kilograms (one-hundred and eighty-four pounds).
  • Lan Di's birthdate is August 13th, 1955 and is currently thirty-one years old (due to the Shenmue series taking place in 1986 through 1987 so far).
  • Lan Di was initially called and often referred to as Cang Long (蒼龍, On'yomi: Sōryū) but then they changed his name to make it more unique.
  • In the beginning of development, Lan Di had a lion-like hair style, but then they tied his hair up because of the large amount of polygons involved and the difficulty controlling his hair movement.