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I can see why Mia thought so highly of you. Who knows? A few years from now, you just might make it to the top. I owe you my thanks, Mr. Wright.
~ Lana Skye

Lana Skye is a minor antagonist in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. More specifically, she is a major antagonist and the defendant of the special episode "Rise from the Ashes", being the one who forged evidence during the SL-9 Incident along with Damon Gant, and also being an accomplice to the murder of Bruce Goodman.


According to her younger sister Ema Skye, her parents died in a car accident sometime during Ema's youth. After their parent's passing, Lana was left to raise Ema throughout her entire childhood. Sometime in Lana's life, she became a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The SL-9 Incident

In February 2015, Ema was waiting for Lana, making plans to go to dinner after her shift. The plan would eventually be thrown over after serial killer Joe Darke busted into her and Gant's office, inciting a fight with Neil Marshall, a prosecutor. Ema unknowingly knocked Neil Marshall unconscious, along with Darke.

After all this, Lana Skye returned back to her office, and saw Ema and Darke lying on the floor, while Neil's corpse was impaled onto a sword. With Lana panicked, and Gant arriving at the crime scene after her, she and Gant rearranged the crime scene to save her sister.

With false evidence, it was until Joe Darke would eventually be executed for the SL-9 Incident, along with Neil's murder. After this, Gant blackmailed Lana that he would expose her sister with being responsible for the SL-9 incident with a jar in which Ema's name was written on it, as well as a piece of cloth with Ema's fingerprints. She was then forced to be promoted to Chief Prosecutor afterwards.

"Rise from the Ashes" Case

In February 2017, two years after the SL-9 Incident, Lana was accused for the murder of Bruce Goodman, a detective at her police department. Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney, accepted to defend her, despite the fact that Lana kept on insisting that she did the crime in order to save her sister from getting arrested.

During her final trial day, she was manipulated by Gant to testify against herself. After her testimony, she gave Phoenix Wright a book called "Evidence Law", which had a crime photo of Neil's corpse in it, which would've led Wright to gain more suspicion to Gant, and eventually formed a plan. Requested by Wright, Gant was then called up to the witness to testify about what he saw during the SL-9 Incident. With the help of Evidence Law that Lana handed to Wright, Gant was then exposed as the real killer for the Bruce Goodman murder and also the murder of Neil Marshall.

Despite being found innocent for the murder of Bruce Goodman, Lana Skye was still arrested for being an accomplice to murder, and also forging evidence during the SL-9 Incident. In the defendant lobby, Lana hugged her sister goodbye, before she was about to go to the precinct.


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