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Note: This is for the villainous depictions of Lance. For more heroic depictions, go to his Heroes Wiki page.

Lets Go Pikachu Eevee Lance
"I've been waiting for you, (Insert Player Name here)! I knew that you, with your skills, would eventually reach me here. There's no need for words now. We will battle to determine who is the stronger of the two of us. As the most powerful Trainer and as the Pokémon League Champion… I, Lance the dragon master, accept your challenge!
~ Lance in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Sliver.

Lance is the Leader of Kanto's Elite Four and the main villain of the Yellow chapter in the manga series Pokemon Adventures. While in the Pokemon games and anime, he is primarily a protagonist, for his first major role in the Pokemon Adventures series, he would instead serve as an antagonist. His goal is to wipe out most of humanity except for those he deems worthy of being kind enough to Pokemon, for the sake of preserving the future of Pokemon.



Lance appears as the main antagonist of the Yellow arc. Much like the protagonist, Yellow, as well as Giovanni he too was born in the Viridian Forest, where people who born there are granted special powers, where his special powers, is the ability of teleplay, allowing him to telepathically communicate with his Pokemon and the power of healing which he can use to heal them. Lance's telepathy also allows him to control primarily Dragon-type Pokemon and as well as any Pokemon that is close to a Dragon-type such as Aerodactyl

Originally debuting at the end of the Red, Blue, and Green chapter, in a cameo with his fellow Elite Four members, he first made his first official appearance in the Vermillion City Surfing Contest

He later become a good guy helping out with other crisis'.


He is one of the Elite Four in Generations I and III, and the Champion in Generations II and IV. Unlike his manga counterpart, he is an ally of the player and a hero instead of a villain.


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